honeyrun-winery9-27-16 – Our guest tonight is Amy Hasle with HoneyRun Winery in Chico, California. HoneyRun has been around for a while, since 1992. The meadery is the result of a beekeeper and a lover of honey meeting. Amy likes to say she ‘married into the mead industry’.

They make several excellent meads, with a lean into melomels. We’re looking forward to hearing more about what they have, and what they’re up to!

She’ll be sticking around to talk with us about berry melomels in Back to Basics, with myself, AJ, Manny and Hamish. Come join us to talk mead!

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What we were drinking:

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Tasting notes from Amy from Honeyrun:
Dry Mead:  

  • Steam clams and mussels in it.  
  • Saute shrimp and scallops with Mead, butter, and garlic, then serve with chilled Dry Mead.


  • Pairs deliciously with very tangy bbq ribs
  • Add some to saute mushrooms
  • Age it for 6 years and drink it like port, or add a little blackberry or grape brandy to make your own fortified port version
  • Have a slice of intense deep chocolate cake?  Drizzle some Elderberry Honeywine over it and see if you like it.  (Maybe dunk it first to check)


  • Also great with chocolate, cheesecake, soft mild cheeses, fruit spritzers
  • Poach pears in it, then add a ball of goat cheese to the hole, then sprinkle with pumpkin pie spice.  Make a reduction sauce and have fun.
  • Soak dark chicken in it overnight.  Grill it on the barbecue.  It is surprisingly good.
  • Blackberry:
  • Great with dark chocolate, cheesecake, the bath tub, a beach.
  • Make spritzers, sangria, or blender drinks
  • Get a pitcher, pour in a bottle of Blackberry Honeywine, add enough plain soda water to make it bubbly, squeeze in lime slices.  Serve with 4 or 5 long straws and no glasses. A fun bonding experience.
  • Put equal parts of ice and strawberries in the blender.  Pour Blackberry Honeywine enough to cover the ice and berries. Blend it up.  This is great on the weekdays, because you can relax, but you get hydrated and full before you can get snockered.
  • Also good added to saute mushrooms – go easy on it.

Spicy Hot Pepper Mead:

  • Serve with fettuccine alfredo, or turkey sandwiches, or tacos.
  • Add it to white sauce for some zing.  How about with or in the macaroni and cheese?  We are busting things open here.

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