9-27-21 Tonight we’re changing up a bit, Charm City had to reschedule into October. We’re tickled to have Bob Slanzi step in to talk with us tonight. He’s going to work with Vicky to rescue a mead of hers that went a bit sideways, and we’re going to talk about making mead (of course), as Bob is a no-measure meadmaker, he’s all about the flavor profile and the palate. There may be a special guest or two!

And we’ll be talking about the awful damage done to meaderies during Hurricane Ida, and what people and meaderies are doing to help out.

Bob Slanzi has been keeping bees and making award winning meads for years He is very active in the meadmaking, homebrew and beekeeping communities, having held offices in both  his clubs in NY in the past. he is the past president of the Home Governing Committee of the American Mead Makers Association, and very active in helping bring the word of mead to everyone. He is known for his meads, and isn’t afraid to try new flavors, like seaweed.

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