9-4-18 We’re back after my trip to Australia (yes, we’ll talk about the mead there too). And our first guest now that we’re back is none other than Susan Ruud, co-founder of Prairie Rose Meadery in Fargo, ND. Susan makes pretty amazing mead, and when last I was there, last summer, I ended up getting nearly every one of her meads, because I just couldn’t leave them out. All were excellent.

Susan spoke at the AHA Convention this year, and talked in depth on oaking meads. We’re going to dig into that with her, and see how she uses oak in her award winning meads.

Oaking mead is a very popular topic these days, and there are many approaches to the process. Chips, staves, spirals, barrels, all have their applications, and everyone seems to have a preference.

We’ll be going in depth on Susan’s experiences and ideas on oak, and getting into the meat (lol) of the subject.

See you tonight!

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