9-5-17 We’re continuing with a series on Modern Mead Making, lead by Ryan Carlson.

So  with so many newcomers joining our forum. And with conflicting information on the interweb. I have decided to do a short series where we will work from front to back of the process of making good meads using today most modern techniques.

I would never declare that I know it all, or that my way is the only way. There are many different approaches to mead making as there are mazers making mead.
As I have often said: If you ask five mazers how to do something, you will get eight different answers.
I can promise this. Everything I do has  a very well thought out reason as to why I do it. I have a reason for every move I make. I have a very strong desire to make the very best meads I can. And I also use the most modern science I can. And, I do this without apology. My hope is if you are confused with all the contrary information you read on the web. That over the next few weeks we can try to separate truth from fact and eliminate all the confusion a new mazer will need to wade through getting started.
It’s not any harder to make a great mead than it is to make a poor mead.
It just takes some learning to understand the how’s and why’s before you get started.
So my intention is to start from the very beginning and move forward, piece by piece, until we get your mead in bottles or kegs so it can age and get back to the table.
So welcome to Got Mead. Grab a glass of something along with a paper and pen. Sit down and enjoy the next little while as we start our journey forward.

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