Rabbits-Foot-LogoTonight’s guest is Mike Faul, owner of Rabbits Foot Meadery in Sunnyvale, CA. Mike has been making mead for a long time, and Rabbits Foot has been out there for nearly 20 years, making award winning mead. Like a lot of mead makers, Mike came from an IT background (I always thought that was an interesting statistic). Mike has gone on to form Red Branch Cider, and his mead is distributed in his native Ireland as well. Join us as we explore Mike’s journey and get a glimpse of what’s to come! [break][break]

In Ask Oskaar, we will be digging into making melomels, specifically blueberry melomels. [break][break]

What we were drinking:

  • Vicky – Wild Blossom Meadery – Chocolate Cherry Honey Buzz
  • JD – Redstone Meadery – Honey Wine with Pinot Noir Concentrate…that’s what the label says!
  • AJ – Chateau Chevette “Cold Ethyl” Lemon Tea Braggot
  • Mike –

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