RedstoneLogoTonight on GotMead Live we have David Myers, owner of Redstone Meadery in Boulder, CO. David is known as the ‘Chairman of the Mead’ and has been seen all over the United States, pouring his mead for appreciative mead lovers. He also ran the International Mead Festival and Competition for many years in Boulder. He and his wife Madoka, Countess of the Mead, own one of the older meaderies in the US.

On Ask Oskaar, we talk about keeping the color in your mead, especially those dark fruit melomels, from a question submitted by our own AJ.

In the chat segment, we’re doing ‘Tips and Tricks’. What special tips do you have that make your mead (or your meadmaking) better? Join us and call in to tell us your tips!


(Sorry we’re missing the notes and what we were drinking, the post disappeared, and I had to recreate it from memory! The vagaries of the internet…..)


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