forweb_kringle2011Yes, it’s true, we will be going on holiday for the month of December, 2015! Stop whining, you can use this time to catch up on the episodes you haven’t had time to listen to yet, or go back to take those notes on that episode of Ask Oskaar. Yes, we have lives too, and will be spending the month with our families and friends, celebrating with fellowship and of course, mead, and having holidays.

(Except for Vicky – she’s using the month to get her lungs back working right again, and frantically programming more cool stuff for GotMead and her business, Craft Beverage Marketing)

So, while you’re listening, and surfing to do your holiday shopping, take a gander at a few nifty gifts GotMead recommends.

<=== See this guy to the left? Yeah, Santa, SuperHero style. This and an entire set of comic book Santa covers can be YOUR Christmas cards this year. Kinda bitchin, you ask me. The artist is none other than Peter Vinton, creator of the Mead Wench and Mead Viking for GotMead. You can get your cards here.

Is there a special meadmaker or mead lover in your life? Then consider giving them the gift of GotMead! For a paltry $25, you can give a YEAR of GotMead special recipes, patron forums, online chats, and invitations to patron only events online and in real life. Seriously, I’ll bet you spend more than that on coffee every month. So grab a GotMead Patron membership, and don’t forget to put the user name of the person it’s for! If it’s a gift, drop me a line at and I’ll send a personal message on Christmas day to the lucky forum member.

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