B._Nektar_Meadery_logoWe’ll be talking with Brad and Kerri Dalhofer, owners of B.Nektar Meadery in Ferndale, MI. Brad got his start on GotMead, and now he and Kerri have one of the largest independently owned meaderies in the U.S. We’ll be exploring when they discovered mead, and how they started their business, and where they get their ideas for some the unique meads they’ve created over the years. Join us and call in to ask them your questions! [break]J.D. A.J. and I will be chatting about equipment and our favorite tools – and we’d like to hear from you! What equipment do you use and why? [break]And, of course, we’ll have your burning mead-making questions answered with Ask Oskaar. This week, Pete digs into a question from Scott (Kernel Crush on the GM forums) about YAN, Yeast Assimilatable (is that word?) Nitrogen, and how it can help you get a better ferment, and what we know and don’t know (yet) about how it works in your mead. [break]Get your questions in![break]

What we were drinking:

  • Vicky – B.Nektar – Black Fang – a semi-sweet blackberry melomel with orange rind and cloves. Great mouth feel and rich. The orange peel and cloves are subtle and blend well with the full flavor of blackberries and the honey weaves throughout.
  • A.J. – her honey maple cider (which sounds amazing)
  • J.D. – one of his first batches, a JAO

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