jaosmTonight on Gotmead Live we are talking with Joe Mattioli, the creator of the most-shared mead recipe on the web, Joe’s Ancient Orange Mead. Joe will be telling us more about how he came up with the recipe, and why it works so well if you follow it to the letter.[break][break]

In Ask Oskaar we tackle a question from Lisa Mutzenberger about backsweetening, and also dig into temperature control, and how to minimize the effects of temperature swings, and good record keeping for making great mead.[break][break]

And of course, JD, AJ and I will be chatting, this week’s topic (and you can call in!) is ‘To Boil or Not to Boil, that is the question’. Tell us your thoughts on one of the more hotly contested issues in mead making![break][break]

What we were drinking:

  • Vicky – Melovino Meadery – Sweet Affair Her’s (because I didn’t have any JAOM, it all got drunk up!)
  • A.J. – Joe’s Ancient Orange Mead
  • J.D. – Joe’s Ancient Orange Mead

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