A Barrel of Very Good Mead

The True Amazons: or, the Monarchy of Bees by Joseph Warder of Croyden, Physician (1765)

"One hundred and twenty pounds will make a Barrel of very good Mead: But if you make it of clear Honey, then your best way is to allow four pounds to every gallon of Water.


Let your Quantity be much or little, (which you ought to govern yourself by either considering the Bigness of your Cask, or the Quantity of Honey you have to up into Mead) mix it in your Copper, and then boil it, and scum it well; … when your Mead is almost cold, tun it up, clay it down, and let it stand till it is fine, and old enough to drink; which sometimes will be sooner than other, according to the Time of the Year and the weather that comes upoin it after making.

This Liquor is one of the choicest of Wines, as well as the most wholesome of all Vinous Liquors in the World, and outght to be drank and made use of in Possets, &c. as Canary; and thus used, it is impossible to know whether the Posset was made of your Mead or Canary"

Vicky Rowe
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