Mention of mead comes from many sources, throughout mankinds’ written history. Virgil and Plato mention it in their writings. It comes up in ‘Beowulf’ and the ‘Rig-Veda’. The Norse sagas are littered with mead references, as are many of the old Celtic tales. Looks like mead is indeed the stuff of legend!

Sir Kenelm Digbie, in his book “The Closet…..Opened”, written in the 17th century says: “The Meathe is singularly good for a consumption, stone, gravel, weak-sight, and many many more things. A chief burgomaster of Antwerp used for many years to drink no other drink than this and though he were an old man, he was of extraordinary vigour, had always a great appetite, good digestion and had every year a child“. There are many references in texts and literature the world over. Here is what we’ve found. If you know of others, please let us know.

Mead in Sacred Texts

Tales, Sagas and Books Which Reference Mead

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