Mead Lover's Digest #108 Thu 01 April 1993

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Where can I get yeast? (Christopher Hadden)
Patience is TRULY a virtue (COYOTE)

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Date: Wed, 31 Mar 93 3:07:59 CDT 
From: Christopher Hadden <>
Subject: Where can I get yeast?

Mead Maniacs,

I would like to know where I could get either Epernay or Werker yeast. Are
these liquid cultures? I know I could use other strains but I like to make
the most meticulously made mellifluous mead! 🙂 Please mail me back at if you could. Thanks.

– –Chris Hadden

Date: 31 Mar 1993 14:56:14 -0600 (MDT) 
Subject: Patience is TRULY a virtue

Patience young grasshopper. With time you will develop into a
pleasant blossom, rather than a stinky weed!

Just a vote for proper aging of meads:
Over a year ago I bottled up a batch of…beelieve it or not…
Grapefruit mead. When young it had a very odd aroma to it.
Smelled something like vomit. It tasted ok, was just rather citrus sour.

Now after being ignored for a long time it has become a very light
pleasant sparkling beverage. The grapefruit flavor is noticeable
but the puke aroma has more than mellowed- it has dissapeared.
What was once a batch I had considered giving away- has now
become a batch I can pull out with honor, and be assured of a pleasant
responce from partakers. (Need to pop another in the fridge!)

So the take home lesson," When in doubt, DON'T chuck it out-
stash it away till the snows melt next year, then don't worry-
drink sparkling mead!"

brew on brethren of barley, bee, and vine.

John (Coyote) Wyllie

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