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Mead Lover's Digest #12 Fri 09 October 1992

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A Taste of Honey (jimf)
Newest of newbie questions (Bob Troyer Hansen)
Yeast starters (Brewing Chemist Mitch)

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Date: Thu, 8 Oct 92 09:15 CDT
Subject: A Taste of Honey

Most local raw honey is made mostly from soybean blossoms here
in Illinois farm country. Anybody have any experience with this
stuff as far as flavor? I'm wondering what kind of mead it
will make. Otherwise I'm forced to use grocery store
pasteurized stuff.

Date: Thu,  8 Oct 1992 11:01:02 -0400 (EDT)
From: Bob Troyer Hansen <>
Subject: Newest of newbie questions

I have the stock question of the uninitiated: how?

Where does one get the hardware to start this whole process, how can I
learn what all the numbers yinz are flinging around mean, how much does
it cost for the carboy, acid testing kit, blow-off valves, etc cetera?

I'm way interested in learning how to make this little piece of heaven,
and want to get my feet sticky as soon as possible.


Date: Thu, 8 Oct 92 14:11:02 CDT
From: (Brewing Chemist Mitch)
Subject: Yeast starters


Thanks to those who responded and/or posted the plum melomel recipes. With
70 lbs of honey and five empty carboys lying around, I may have to take my
friend up on his offer of free plums.

My question today is about starters. I realize that when brewing beer and
using Wyeast, a starter is imperative. When making mead however, if all I
have is dry yeast (Lalvin, Pasteur, etc), do I need to do more than rehydrate?

If I do make a starter, is it made with honey and nutrient?

Finally, does Wyeast make a wine yeast ? I think they might make a champagne
yeast, but I do not want that.



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