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None ("Daniel F McConnell")
Yeasts for Meads (COYOTE)
Acid adjustments (Darren Evans-Young)


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Date: 27 Apr 1993 09:31:06 -0500
From: "Daniel F McConnell" <>
Subject: None

Subject: Time:9:27 AM
OFFICE MEMO None Date:4/27/93

From: Mark Taratoot <SLNDW@CC.USU.EDU>

>My question is, How in the hell am I supposed to let this
>stuff age when it is so good even now? What can I expect
>to happen to the flavors during the next year or two?
>I assume it will become drier, which would probably be
>an improvement. Will the flavors fade? Anyone?

Simple, just make another, bigger batch…..8-)


Date: 27 Apr 1993 10:22:08 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Yeasts for Meads

There are a few resourseful- and adventurous fellows f who are doing
a test analysis of different yeasts and different honeys. They are
doind this for a homebrew meeting of some sort this summer?
(boy- am I being vague or what!) I don't remeber the person's name off
hand (are you out there?) but they were inquiring 'bout different types
of honey. Perhaps we can encourage them to post a summary of the results
when the deed is done.

As I remember- it was projected to be five yeasts, and five honeys.

These were to be quick meads- so aging balance would not be a possibility.


Couple notes:

My Milk&Honey is clearing nicely. It has a yeasty taste still

and will certainly take some time to balance. It has bnecome more acidic
through the feerment, but will probably be an interesting drink in a year.


Cyser It's still still, and very sweet. The yeast must have

kicked the bucket. I even put in bottling sugar, and after two months
it only has "tiny bubbles" (know the tune?). But it is quite pleasant
and apple-eeeee.


Cherry Mead. Hmmm. Againg? Tried a sip last night.

Can you say Cough Syrup? Most are cherry flavored. If it was less aclcoholic
and had more sugar (thicker) it just might work!
This was an epernay yeast. So it's not just champagne that can do it.
I've had some nice wines, and other meads from the maybe it was
in the juice. Or acid levels….? Nutrient? So many variables.


The Pear/Apple /Lime. Very tart- bitter.

Suggestion. Don't ever put whole limes through a juicer. Get the inner
portions of the lime (juice/pulp) and use ONLY the outer zest- NOT
I repear NOT the white part of the skin. Againg (can I spell!) Aging.


I figure I'll just bottle them all up and let 'em sit till next year!
(or the year after….or more!)

I am planning a Dandelion Wine next. The season is upon us, and May is
almost here. Anyone ever tried one, have recipes, had success??????
I have a can of Chablis concentrate (wine art) and will pick ????
dandelions, pluck the petals… and add honey (plus the usual goodies)

Big question- Anyone know how many dandelions are needed for 5 gallons?

Brew on Brethren of Bee, Barley, and Vine.


John (The Coyote) Wyllie


Date:         Tue, 27 Apr 93 22:10:54 CDT
From: Darren Evans-Young <DARREN@UA1VM.UA.EDU>
Subject: Acid adjustments

How late can you safely adjust the acid level in a fermenting/fermented mead?
I have a batch that could have used some more acid blend to balance
the sweetness. Can I add some acid blend boiled with a small about
of water? Should I just leave it alone?


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