Mead Lover’s Digest #121 Thu 29 April 1993

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Dandelions ("Mark")

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Date:         Wed, 28 Apr 93 10:04:54 EDT 
From: "Mark" <>
Subject: Dandelions


To the fella that asked about dandelions…

I have had a few dandelion salads made by a friend of mine; he says there
are some things to ensure best possible flavor…

-pick young, unblemished leaves, BEFORE the flower begins to form.
-make absolutely certain that the lawn you pick from has NOT been visited
by a weed control service, or treated in any way (fertilizers included)

On a personnal note, I find dandelion greens mighty bitter, and tend to wonder
about the flavor of a wine made with it. Does it really taste good, or is it
a novelty thing?

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