Mead Lover's Digest #131 Sun 16 May 1993

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Newbie meader requests some basic recipies… (Mike McCabe)


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Date: Sat, 15 May 1993 15:26:07 EDT
From: mamccabe@phoenix.Princeton.EDU (Mike McCabe)
Subject: Newbie meader requests some basic recipies...

I've made one mead, a cherry-ginger mead after tbe ginger mead in
Papazian's TCJoHB. Perhaps I went overboard with the ginger, but the
final product was kind of bitter and icky. Though drinkable. (That
after ~4-5 months.)

I'm about to head home from school, and my thought is that I'd like to
start a couple of batches of mead to think about bottling when I
return. I'd like to make one (5 gal.) batch of a dry mead, and one of
a sweet mead. Either could be a cyser of sorts (see below) and spices
also sound fun.

The materials I have to work with:
1 gal. orange blossom honey
1 gal. wildflower honey
an unlimited supply of apple concentrate, unpreserved, in 1/2 gallon
containers. (from Food Services) I used 1/2 gallon of this to beef
up a 5 gallon batch of cider that turned out pretty well. The
concentrate isn't incredibly flavorful, but I trust it to be free of
some generico beer yeast nutrient
acid blend
lots of spices.
Red Star champagne yeast.

I can make a trek to the brewstore if necessary (I understand that
Red Star has gained poor marks in the past) but would prefer not to.

Recipes/guidance requested. One note – I won't be around to rack
these after two weeks from now.

I'll tell you all how it turns out, six months from now 🙂

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