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Request for meaderies in Wisconson or Illinois (Charles S. Farmer)
Need Recipe and Advice ("Patrick S. Paul")


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Date: Thu, 27 May 93 09:43:48 CDT
From: (Charles S. Farmer)
Subject: Request for meaderies in Wisconson or Illinois

Does anyone know of any commercial meaderies in Wisconsin or Illinois? I am
getting married in October and we would like to lay in a stock of mead for
the reception.


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Date: Thu, 27 May 1993 11:27:14 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Patrick S. Paul" <>
Subject: Need Recipe and Advice

I am making a few batchs of sparkling mead for a wedding this fall.
I once tried a sparkling lemon-ginger mead at a home-brew meeting and fell
in love with it, and want to make a batch. Does anyone have a recipe for
this ?
Second question is on bottling a sparkling mead, I will be using champagne
bottles, how much primer should I use(honey, not corn sugar) and how do I
insert those plastic stoppers, or corks, just hammer them in, an then wire
them into place???

Thanks in advance for any information.


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