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Comment on tagline… ("Larry Lynch-Freshner")
mead? what's that? (Mark Taratoot)


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Date: 28 May 1993 09:46:24 -0800
From: "Larry Lynch-Freshner" <>
Subject: Comment on tagline...

Comment on tagline…

In digest #141 "Patrick S. Paul" <> used as a tag line:


>> The old song says that 'In heaven there is no beer' Then why is it >>
called heaven????

In Belgium there is a Trappist monistary with a quote from a (real, genuine)
Saint on the wall: "In heaven there is no beer, so we must drink it here"

I guess its just a pint of heaven on earth…

Back atcha.

Date: Fri, 28 May 1993 10:59:19 -0600 (MDT)
From: Mark Taratoot <SLNDW@CC.USU.EDU>
Subject: mead? what's that?


I have recently made up two 1-gallon batches of mead. Each was made
with Cox's High Mountain Snowberry Honey, acid blend, yeast nutrient,
water and yeast. Each was heated only enough to get the honey to
mix well with the water (it was not simmered or skimmed, the
temperature never got over about 100F.) Each had one campdon
tablet added to keep the bee parts from spontaneously generating
into mead-funking things. The first one had an OG of ~1.08 and
was pitched with ale yeast. The second had an OG of ~1.11 and
was pitched with Lalvin K1V-116 wine yeast. The low gravity mead
was mixed on may 5, the high gravity on may 12. The interesting
thing is that the higher gravity mead is clearer than the low
gravity mead. I don't understand this. The only thing that should
be adding color and opacity is the honey, and the high gravity mead
had 25% more honey added.

Anyone got any ideas why this is? I assume it could be the yeast.
BTW, the low gravity mead was intended to be a "quick" mead, but
it will probably ferment for another month or so.

Also BTW, I tried my pyment after 3 months in the bottle. The
taste is wonderful and grapy, but it is still quite sweet. I
hope it mellows in the next year or so. The cyser is about ready
to bottle after fermenting for 6 months. It is not quite clear, so
I plan on racking half of it off to carbonate with dextrose and
bentoniting the rest. Anyone have any advice for using bentonite?
The flavor is nice even now, so I hope for an excellent
beveradge in many months.

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