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Re: Mint Mead (STBLEZA)
Mulberry Mead Recipe (Thomas Manteufel 5-5740 NB-920)


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Date: 05 Jun 1993 13:48:31 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Mint Mead

Greetings, all…

George Papp (did I get the spelling right?) asked about when to add mint to
his mead, and wanted to know what kinds he should use.

I, personally, always added it right after skimming the 'scum' (I've heard
that dross is the proper term) off of the simmering honey+water. Usually, I
use 2 tablespoons per gal of water, keeping it in the must for about 5 min
before removing and making tea. I then let it age a LONG time in the bottle.
It has alsways tasted best after about 6-8 months in the bottle, to me anyway.
Few other people have enjoyed my mint meads (*sigh* there is no accounting
for taste, mine or thiers), though most of those people also like my green
meads (less then two months in bottle) and sweet wines, so…

Gower Wassail

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Date: Sat, 5 Jun 93 20:33:14 CDT
From: (Thomas Manteufel 5-5740 NB-920)
Subject: Mulberry Mead Recipe

This mead recently (March 20) won a first in the mead/cider category of the
Brewer's Of South Suburbia (south suburban Chicago) regional homebrew
competition. It's a simple recipe that lends itself well to many different
melomels. This was a medium mead. If I want a sweeter taste, I use 3 pounds
of honey, and a pound of fruit, varying according to the fruit's strength.

Mulberry Mead

For 1 gallon (all measurements in US).

2# wildflower honey
12 ozs. frozen mulberries
water up to 1 gallon


Pasturized and skimmed honey at 170F for 1/2 hour. Added frozen
mulberries at end of heating. Pitched with rehydrated Red Star
Montrachet yeast. Used NO nutriment.

IG – 1.082 FG – 1.002

Racked to secondary after 9 days, as berries were beginning to bleach.
Bottled when 2 months old.

Time in bottle when judged: 6 months

Judges comments:

nice honey aroma, with a little solventy (higher alcohol) finish
[may be due to not having aged enough]
beautiful color [a red, deeper than a ros'e]
nice honey flavor. metallic finish [could be due to a rust spot in the
brew kettle or our famous Waukesha mineral water]
score 37/50
nice fruit nose
nice appearance
nice honey and fruit balance
score 40/50


Thomas Manteufel IOFM

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