Mead Lover’s Digest #150 Wed 09 June 1993

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Mazer Cup ("Daniel F McConnell")
mead judges ("Daniel F McConnell")

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Date: 8 Jun 1993 13:41:52 -0500
From: "Daniel F McConnell" <>
Subject: Mazer Cup

                       Subject:                               Time:1:36 PM 

OFFICE MEMO Mazer Cup Date:6/8/93


Just a reminder that we are now accepting entries for the Second
Annual Mazer Cup Mead Conpetition until June 18.

I posted the full flyer a month or so ago, would be happy to do it
again if needed, but most likely can handle most requests for forms
etc. via e-mail. Contact me if you want entry forms.


Date: 8 Jun 1993 13:53:38 -0500
From: "Daniel F McConnell" <>
Subject: mead judges

                       Subject:                               Time:1:41 PM 

OFFICE MEMO mead judges Date:6/8/93

We are still looking for few more judges for the Mazer Cup Mead Competition.

First round will be held Friday, June 25 at 7:30-10 PM in Taylor Michigan.
Final round will be Sunday, June 27. A second round will be added if needed,
depending on the mead/judge ratio. Accommodations and food will be provided by
merry meadmakers.

Please let me know via e-mail if you are willing and able to attend.


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