Mead Lover’s Digest #174 Fri 16 July 1993

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first racking (Scott Murphy)

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Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1993 17:58:00 PDT
From: Scott Murphy <>
Subject: first racking

I just racked my first mead from primary to secondary. It tastes
great. Highly alchoholic with a honey nose. Its a little sweet,
but not too much. I may add some more acid blend later. The main
thing I’m concerned with is the appearence. This mead is quite
cloudy. Any hints on getting it to clear. Also, whats the feeling
on sulphiding? I heated it to 180 F originally and did not add any
camden tablets. The alchohol content is close to 11%, so I don’t
feel i need to worry. Anyone have a different opinion?


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