Mead Lover’s Digest #178 Thu 22 July 1993

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Bergamot ("Larry Lynch-Freshner")

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Date: 21 Jul 1993 09:51:43 -0800
From: "Larry Lynch-Freshner" <>
Subject: Bergamot

                       Subject:                               Time:9:44 AM 

OFFICE MEMO Bergamot Date:7/21/93

My, my, what an interesting discussion. When I started looking at Earl Gray
tea boxes, I found a secondary reference to bergamot as ‘Prince’s Pear’ and (I
think) a reference to it’s discovery in the middle east. Someone else
mentions it as a type of citrus used as a perfume source. My encyclopedia
(Brittanica) mentions the mint, flowers, and citrus under ‘Bergamot’, but not
pear (maybe ‘Prince’s Pear’ is an orange?) I would love to hear where those
in the tea industry get their bergamot.

My wife always complains that Earl Gray tastes like soap, and I agree that
some of the cheaper varieties do. Maybe the flower is used (in differing
amounts) or maybe tea makers don’t know which to use either…

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