Mead Lover’s Digest #181 Thu 29 July 1993

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MEAD (Mead Enthusiasts And Drinkers) ("Jason A. Tetro")

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Date:         Wed, 28 Jul 93 14:10:00 EST
From: "Jason A. Tetro" <>
Subject: MEAD (Mead Enthusiasts And Drinkers)

Hello there…

I am writing to inquire about the interest in mead making out there in
the real world. Here in Guelph, a few friends and I are hoping to
start a club in Canada known as MEAD (Mead Enthusiasts and Drinkers).

In order to get an idea as to the interest out there, we are hoping that
people will write to us in Email to tell us about their mead and their
futures with mead. We are hoping that eventually, we will get recognized
like CABA and other similar organizations.

So, to anyone out there (especially Canadians) give me a shout at


Take care and we look forward to hearing from you

Jason A. Tetro (

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