Mead Lover’s Digest #196 Tue 17 August 1993

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Must Chill? ("Larry Lynch-Freshner")

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Date: 16 Aug 1993 10:11:53 -0800
From: "Larry Lynch-Freshner" <>
Subject: Must Chill?

Must Chill?
Some personel opinions on chilling:

  • You don’t need to boil mead. But if you do, you should chill.
  • Chilling has NOTHING to do with oxidation (I keep seeing this…). In fact, before fermentation you want oxygen in the must. Chilling preventsbacteria from getting a head start on the yeast, as certain bacteria liketheir food warm.
  • I think that an immersion chiller is probably better for mead, because:
  1. Counter-flow systems work better on kettles with a tap, which most mead
    makers don’t have. (Ignore this if you do) Starting a siphon through a
    chiller whould be very hard!
  2. An immersion chiller can be used in the fermenter.
  3. easyer to clean

my $.02.

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