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Date: Sat, 17 Oct 1992 10:41:00 +0000
From: "Rick (R.) Cavasin" <>
Subject: re:Mead Lover's Digest #19 (October 17, 1992)

John Gorman posted a very informative discussion on maple
wines and meads. Regarding maple wines, I've always wondered
if a more optimal approach would be to obtain the raw maple
sap and use it undiluted as opposed to taking maple syrup
and diluting it. In theory at least, one would hope to retain
more of the subtle flavours and aromatics that would be boiled
off in the process of making syrup. The only recipes I've
ever seen using 'sap' are birch beers made from birch sap.
Does anyone have any experience or anecdotes about brewing
with sap? Of course, this would only be feasible for those
living near maple country.

In the previous digest, Dick Dunn posts his experiences with
fruit meads. To some extent I agree with Dick about fruit being
a pain in the primary. I had trouble with my first two
batches (strawberry and pomegranate) in that the fruit bits
were suspended throughout the must (expecially in the case
of the pomegranate) and therefore were next to impossible to
separate out by racking. However, with my third batch of strawberry
mead, I found that the fruit bits either settled on the bottom
or floated in the krausen. I was able to rack the mead without
any bits coming through. My current batch of cherry mead seems
to be behaving similarly (although the cherries were ground and
pressed so there is only a small amount of fruit particles in
the must). If you are going to put the fruit into the primary,
the trick may be to rack off the fruit while the fermentation is
still fairly active.

Rick C. (these are not the opinions of my employer)

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