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Date: Thu, 16 Sep 93 16:06:11 METDST
From: Ralph Snel <>
Subject: accurate alcohol content (Dick Dunn) wrote:

>One last point: how would you measure "exact" alcohol content? This is
>tricky, particularly with residual sugar. Alcohol and sugar both mess
>around with specific gravity, boiling point, etc.; I don’t know a good way
>for a home zymurgist to get a single-measurement alcohol reading. (I note
>that Joyce writes from a place that sounds like it might have serious lab
>equipment and procedures for making such measurements…if so, I’m still
>interested in how it’s done.)

A quite simple way that will give accuracy up to 0.1% is to boil off
all the alcohol and substitute by water. This means boiling down to
less than a third of the original volume in most cases, it’s not that
hard to smell if there are alcohols in the vapour.
Fill with water so you have your original volume and take the difference
in gravity.
The following table is a part of a table that extends from 1 to 26 Oechsle

SG Alcohol
diff. vol %
10  7.18
11  7.98
12  8.80
13  9.65
14 10.51
15 11.40
16 12.30
17 13.20
18 14.10
19 15.10
20 16.00
21 17.00
22 18.00
23 19.00
24 20.00
25 21.00
26 22.00

From: ‘Technisch handboek voor de amateur wijn- en biermaker’
by Leo van der Straten
ISBN 90-245-0969-6

I’m not sure how accurate the table is for the higher differences,
but it suggests something around 0.1 vol%

Ralph Snel

Date: Thu, 16 Sep 93 14:07:10 MDT
From: uranus!trojan!crowell@uunet.UU.NET (Paul Crowell)
Subject: Subscription


Date: Thu, 16 Sep 93 14:00:49 MDT
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Subject: subscribe

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