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Date: Sun, 19 Sep 93 11:07:52 EDT
From: (Gregory Owen)
Subject: Grapefruit mead info from previous posts

I grepped the old mead-lovers articles, which I tend to keep around, for
information to help the gentleman who wanted to make a grapefruit mead.
Unfortunately I managed to delete the article that had HIS address on it,
so I’m posting this up to the mailing list again; apologies folks. I’ve
found two relavant articles which I will quote here; I’ve left original
signatures on so those are the folks to thank.

Good luck!

Greg Owen {, }
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>Brew 4: Mead
>93 04 15
> 7 cloves (cracked)
> 2 sticks cinnamon (broken)
> 12 lbs clover honey
> 2 pckgs champagne yeast (saccharomyces beyanus)
> 1 L Just Pikt(tm) frozen florida grapefruit juice (NOT from concentrate)
> 2 tsp Diammonium phosphate (yeast nutrient)
>o Spices simmered for 20 min
>o honey and Nutrient added
>o much later, full boil for 15 minutes (partial boil for about 40 min),
>some scum and spices skimmed off.
>o bunch of cops removed to brew vessel to make room for grapefruit
>o grapefruit juice added, held @ about 90degC for 15 min to pasteurise
>grapefruit juice
>o thrown into brew vessel, water added to 26L (about 5 gallons) and
>o SG 1.073
>o pitched yeast
>- —–
>93 04 19 SG 1.054 man, this stuff is churning
>- —–
>93 04 27 Racked, SG 1.007, cloudy peachy colour, kind of like
>honey&/or grapefruit. Lots of CO2. Champagne taste.
>- —–
>93 05 30 SG 0.996 clear, delicious smelling, a little strong
>tasting, needs to smooth out a bit in the bottle.
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>Just a vote for proper aging of meads:
>Over a year ago I bottled up a batch of…beelieve it or not…
>Grapefruit mead. When young it had a very odd aroma to it.
>Smelled something like vomit. It tasted ok, was just rather citrus sour.
>Now after being ignored for a long time it has become a very light
>pleasant sparkling beverage. The grapefruit flavor is noticeable
>but the puke aroma has more than mellowed- it has dissapeared.
>What was once a batch I had considered giving away- has now
>become a batch I can pull out with honor, and be assured of a pleasant
>responce from partakers. (Need to pop another in the fridge!)
>So the take home lesson," When in doubt, DON’T chuck it out-
>stash it away till the snows melt next year, then don’t worry-
>drink sparkling mead!"
> brew on brethren of barley, bee, and vine.
> John (Coyote) Wyllie

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