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Fermented honey (Hugh Gwyn)
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American Mead Association (Dick Dunn)


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Subject: hmmm
From: (Jim Sims)
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 94 08:42:44 EST

Seems I managed to dip my thermometer/hydrometer into the cooling
wort a bit too soon and leave it a bit too long. It pegged the meter,
so to speak. Even after cooling and storing upright for a coupla
daze, the mercury inthe thermomter portion hasnt settled back to te
bottom. In fact, it's now 'split' into two portions – at the bottom
(claims the room temp is about 45), and a bit at the top.

I've tried 'shaking' the mercury down like the nurse used to do with
the thremometer at the Drs office, but it didnt seem to help.

Is my thermometer useless/unfixable?

Subject: Fermented honey
From: (Hugh Gwyn)
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 1994 13:20:21 -0500

I've had some honey left-over from a mead that was hanging

around. Last week I decided to spread some on my toast (hey,
an original thought!). Open it up and I get a distinctly
fermenting smell. Hum, thinks I. The honey had seperated,
whitish cristalish stuff on the bottom and a VERY runny lair
on the top.


This, of course, is proof that my honey is untreated,

which I was sure of anyway. I buy it from a german sheep
farmer who does a bit of honey on the side. I've worked on
his farm and seen his home-made honey extraction equipement.


So anyway, I thinks to myself, Hey, why don't I just plop

this stuff into a gallon of water and make myself a small
batch of mead. But then I also wondered, will heating (not
boiling, I don't boil, not me, just heat it enough to get some
scum on top, then skim the scum off, (just my two bits to the
boil discution)) the must kill the yeast? Or should I just
add some Camben tablets? Or should I be ware of this honey?


Thank you for all info,

  • fil


Subject: PLEASE note correct addresses for digest!
From: (Dick Dunn)
Date: 25 Jan 94 22:18:57 MST (Tue)

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(and thanks again to John for starting the Digest, running it well, and
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Dick Dunn -or- raven!rcd Boulder, Colorado USA
Digest Coordinator

Subject: American Mead Association
From: (Dick Dunn)
Date: 26 Jan 94 00:28:08 MST (Wed)

As promised a while back, here's some info on the American Mead Associa-
tion. I need to note at the outset that I'm not making any endorsement of
the AMA by submitting this article; I'm simply passing along information.
I'm an ordinary member of the AMA and have no other connection to them.
I've divided the following into two parts: general info, and my own im-
pressions of what they're doing.

_ _ _ _ _

The American Mead Association was formed in 1986. It was organized out of
Ohio by Pamela Spence-Allen. In early 1993, it was taken over by Susanne
Price of Boulder, Colorado. She's since moved to Grand Junction, Colorado,
to be nearer the honey- and fruit-producing areas of our state (in the
heart of Colorado's wine country;-)

Currently, the AMA publishes a quarterly newsletter and an annual journal.
The newsletter was called "MeadLetters" during 1993 and has now been
renamed (back to a previous name) "American Meadmaker". The journal is
the "Meadmakers Journal". A one-year basic membership, which includes a
year of the newsletter and one edition of the journal, costs $15. This
also includes a membership card which is good for discounts at some
homebrew stores.

To subscribe, send $15 for one year to:

American Mead Association
P.O. Box 4666
Grand Junction, CO 81502
[phone (303)442-9111]


If you sign up, it would probably be useful to the AMA to tell them that
you found this information on the online Mead-Lover's Digest. No, I don't
get a kickback! But it's useful for any organization to know how people
find it. Susanne and I have talked about how to get information back and
forth between MLD and the AMA; we'd like them to be synergistic.

_ _ _ _ _

My impressions: It seems that Susanne took over the AMA and started almost
from scratch in re-shaping it. The 1993 MeadLetters are reminiscent of the
1978 Zymurgy issues. I have to say, at once, that the first issues were
very basic and a bit thin, and that they've been gaining ground rapidly,
both in content and in quality of presentation. You've got to start some-

If you're expecting a _Zymurgy_ or a _Brewing_Techniques_, _American_Mead-
maker_ isn't there yet. But if you want information on mead, I don't know
where else you'd look (in the US) right now. I see a potential being

Dick Dunn -or- raven!rcd Boulder, Colorado USA

…Mr Natural says, "Get the right tool for the job!"


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