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The Meadery ("conley")
Thermometer repair (Jay Moser)
Help (
Re: Split Mercury ("George R. Flentke")
bubble in thermometer ()


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Subject: The Meadery
From: "conley" <>
Date: 26 Jan 1994 09:43:47 +0300

Hi all,
Last weekend I made the trek to The Meadery at Greenwich, Inc. ~ 45 min. from
Albany NY. Thanks to those who posted the name and number on the MLD!! I
sampled some Mead and Cheddar Cheese while I admired their Honey and Bee
keeping supplies. Hear is the low down on the outfit. I have no vested
interest in this place just passing along information for those who mite be
(I didn't even tell them I was going too post this)

Odin's Traditional Mead (Sweet)
Loki's Spiced Mead
Odin's Dry Mead
Thor's Raspberry Mead
Blueberry Mead
Cyser (Apple Cider/Honey Mead)

all from:
The Meadery
RR4 Box 4070
Greenwich, NY 12834
Phone: (518) 692-9669 Fax 518-692-9669
Tasting Room – Store Hours Mon. – Sat 9-5

Traditional, Spiced, Dry, Cyser in 750 ML;Raspberry, Blueberry in 375 ML

Cost: 6.99 EA. at the store
They ship 3 packs for $16.50 ( + tax and shipping via UPS ground )
or a case of 12 for $70 ( + tax and shipping via UPS ground )
They also have Honey, Bees wax and Bee keeping stuff.

Evaluation, Comments:

I have only tasted one other mead in my life ten years ago when I was in
England so I have nothing to compare to. I found I did not like the
Raspberry, the Blueberry and the Dry was OK. I purchased a bottle of Odin's
Traditional Mead but haven't opened it yet;)

Douglas J Conley.
GE Corporate Research & Development

Subject: Thermometer repair
From: (Jay Moser)
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 1994 12:54:36

A mercury thermometer can be repaired by cooling the bulb enough to get
all of the mercury into the bulb. The temperature required varies with the
thermometer. As you cool the bulb, flicking the thermometer aids in getting
everything to flow.

Subject: Help
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 94 12:37:14 CST

I'm an experienced homebrewer but would like to make some mead. I've
read Morse's _Making_Mead_ but still have some questions. I realize
that the BIG CONTROVERSY is whether to boil or not but I'm not sure
what the pros and cons are of each. Also if you boil how long should
you and if you don't do you just heat it enough to mix the honey in or
what? Morse talks of sulfur dioxide. Is that what campden is? Also
when do you add it (and also the acid blend, yeast nutrient)? Should
must be aerated like wort? When should you rack and bottle? Any
general help on mead making methods would be appreciated.


Subject: Re: Split Mercury
From: "George R. Flentke" <>
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 94 17:59:20 CST

The only sure way to fix the problem is to "freeze" the thermometer so that
all the mercury ends up in the bulb at the bottom. This usually requires
liquid air temperatures (i.e. liquid nitrogen). I know of no good method
for those whose air is warmer.


George R. Flentke
School of Pharmacy
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Subject: bubble in thermometer
From: <>
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 94 23:49:10 CST

Jim Sims says> > Seems I managed to dip my thermometer/hydrometer into the cool


> wort a bit too soon and leave it a bit too long. It pegged the meter,
> so to speak. Even after cooling and storing upright for a coupla
> daze, the mercury inthe thermomter portion hasnt settled back to te
> bottom. In fact, it's now 'split' into two portions – at the bottom
> (claims the room temp is about 45), and a bit at the top.


> I've tried 'shaking' the mercury down like the nurse used to do with
> the thremometer at the Drs office, but it didnt seem to help.


> Is my thermometer useless/unfixable?

I had a similar problem with a sling psychrometer when I worked in an
ecology lab (essentially just two thermometers). The key is to get all
of the mercury back down into the bulb. We had some liquid nitrogen
aroung, and that seemed to do the trick; but anything that will get
your thermometer to suck all of the mercury back into the bulb should
fix your problem. I realize that most people don't have access to
liquid N, but I hope this helps anyway.


  • enjoy.


David Maxwell
382 Russell Labs
1630 Linden Drive

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