Mead Lover's Digest #0271 Wed 2 March 1994


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kiwi melomel? (Dick Dunn)
Re: Mesquite Honey Prices ("Kevin M. Watts")
Champagne Corkers…anywhere? (
Re: UNYHA Annual Competition (
Honey Prices (Aaron Morris)


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Subject: kiwi melomel?
From: (Dick Dunn)
Date: 27 Feb 94 00:13:46 MST (Sun)

Anyone tried a kiwi melomel?

I started an experimental 1-gallon batch a couple weeks ago. I used a
pound of fruit and sliced it very thinly. Indication at this point (first
racking, removing fruit) is that I should have used more fruit.

Kiwis don't seem to fade out and mush up as much as other fruit I've used.

Dick Dunn -or- raven!rcd Boulder, Colorado USA

…Mr Natural says, "Get the right tool for the job!"


Subject: Re: Mesquite Honey Prices
From: "Kevin M. Watts" <75250.2033@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 27 Feb 94 13:48:45 EST

I recently made a cyser with six pounds of Mesquite Honey and 5 gallons local
cider. I bought the honey from St. Patrick's of Texas in Austin and I believe I
paid $10-$11 for it plus postage. The quality and flavor was outstanding. The
owner said she buys the honey in bulk from a local farm and keeps it stored
under CO2, just as she does her malt extracts. I have the number if anyone's

Standard disclaimers apply!


  • Kevin/Chicago


Subject: Champagne Corkers...anywhere?
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 94 12:11:40 EST

I'm still searching for more information on *cork* champagne corkers so I can
get away from the plastic champagne corks. I've had way too many batches of
sparkling mead slowly go flat with the plastic corks.

I posted about this a few months ago and someone mentioned that G.W. Kent was
talking about coming out with a homebrewer-level champagne corker, but I
haven't heard anything further (from supply houses or anywhere).

I'd love to find out if there are smaller-than-commercial level options. (Of
course, I don't know how big or expensive a commercial one would be, so

As always, any information or leads to information would be greatly

d.f. crafts
Alchemedia, Inc.

Subject: Re:  UNYHA Annual Competition
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 94 18:44:49 EST

Forrest Cook brings up a point that needs clarifying concerning the UNYHA
contest I announced in MLD #268. Due to technical problems, I haven't been
able to reply the last couple of days. However, in MLD #270, Jay Hersh
very nicely addresses Forrest's concerns.

Here are the facts: Anyone who requests the full information pack will
find that the instructions ask them to classify their mead(s) 1) as sweet
or dry, 2) as still or sparkling, and 3) into the appropriate categories,
i.e. melomel, metheglin, etc. We do have a *few* experienced mead brewers
and judges organizing the mead portion of the contest, but we would like
additional judges. Let me know if you're interested!

Tom Kaltenbach
Rochester, New York USA

Subject:      Honey Prices
From: Aaron Morris <>
Date: Tue, 01 Mar 94 10:28:25 EST

Being a hobby beekeeper, I find this discussion of honey prices very
interesting. Would that I could sell my honey at Netherland prices!
In any event, I sell quart jars (12 pounds) of honey based on the price
of honey at the supermarket. One pound jars approximate $1.80 at the
store, so I sell 3 pound jars for $5 (only slightly cheaper than the
supermarket, but a far superior product – I'll admit to bias here).
I have no problem finding a demand for all of my surplus at the $5
price. Basically I sell at a price that the market will bear.
Discussion has mentioned prices as low as $.75 a pound; that's a
bargain, especially when one isn't buying in bulk! I couldn't
imagine selling my honey at such a low price, but there are others
who will. The moral: shop around. There are deals to be had if
you're at the right place at the right time.

End of Mead Lover's Digest #271