Mead Lover's Digest #28 Thu 29 October 1992

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pumpkin hippocras recipe request (CPU-SPP generic account)
do people also make fruit/grape wine in US (Victor Reijs)
Taj recipes? (Jane Beckman)
Re: vit C and potasium sorbate (misuse of term DMS!!!) (Victor Reijs)

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Date: Tue, 27 Oct 92 07:53:26 CST
From: (CPU-SPP generic account)
Subject: pumpkin hippocras recipe request

With all the pumkins now available after the harvest, I thought I might like
to try a hippocras that tastes like pumpkin pie and all its spices. I assume
I could use pumpkins and pumpkin pie spice, but I have no ideas how much.
Can anyone offer any guidance?
Thomas Manteufel IOFM

Date: Tue, 27 Oct 92 23:57:27 +0100
From: Victor Reijs <>
Subject: do people also make fruit/grape wine in US

Hello all of you,

While reading homebrew and mead-lovers I only see the words mead and
beer. Do people also make fruit/grape wines in US (within the home)?
In Europe this is a quiet active hobby. Lots of people (And I think
even more than beer or mead) make wines from berries, grapes, apples,
pinapples, cherries, etc. Is that also done in US and are there also
distribution list (digests) about this subject??

All the best,


Date: Wed, 28 Oct 92 10:25:07 PST
From: (Jane Beckman)
Subject: Taj recipes?

Does anyone know of a source for recipes for taj, that wonderful Ethiopian
mead that you can order at Ethiopian restaurants? It tastes very "fresh
fermented" and is very light and refreshing. I'd like to try making some
at home, since I've found it's only lightly alcoholic, and it's got a
very luscious taste. It's on the dry side, but very flowery. (Reminds
me a lot of the style of mead I make, which uses ale yeast, but taj is
obviously intended to be drunk very young, rather than bottled and aged.)

Any recipes or suggestions are appreciated.

–Jilara []

Date: Wed, 28 Oct 92 22:56:53 +0100
From: Victor Reijs <>
Subject: Re: vit C and potasium sorbate (misuse of term DMS!!!)

From: Chip Hitchcock
> Please post an explanation of what you mean by DMS—in UK/US this is
> a substance produced by mishandling wort and is generally disliked in
> beer even in low quantities (gives a taste like canned corn) (stands for
> DiMethyl Sulfide, I think). It's also fairly volatile, which suggests it
> wouldn't be much good as a disinfectant.

Sorry I thought that Dimethyl Sulfide was Potasium metabisufide (a
desinfectant). Used by some wine brewer to kill unwanted bacteria and
fungi. So in my earlier mail about Vit. C and potasium sorbate you
should read this desinfectant. Sorry about this misunderstanding. In
future I will never use these difficult XYZ;-)

All the best,


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