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Cheap honey and another batch ("Steven W. Smith")
Add yeast nutrient with the yeast (John Gorman)


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Subject: Cheap honey and another batch
From: "Steven W. Smith" <>
Date: 29 Mar 1994 10:58:48 -0700 (MST)

More on honey prices – in the Phoenix area anyway. I found local honey

in 5 pound cans at my closest Price Club / Costco for $4.10. That priced
out to 25 pounds for $20.50, not bad at all. Further, it's labeled "100%
pure, raw organic honey" (dontcha _hate_ inorganic honey?). Having kept bees
in the not too distant past, I feel qualified to comment that the flavor
and aroma are pretty darned good.

I've set an experiment in motion: 20 pounds (so far) honey, 48 ounces of

smashed frozen blueberries, (cold) water, Vierka mead yeast, 1 1/2 tsp yeast
nutrient – 5 gallon batch.

The only drawback so far was that I got pretty burned out agitating a 5

gallon carboy to mix the honey and water – I figure I got excellent aeration

In a week or so I plan to rack off the blueberries and add 2 cans of

(mutilated) sour pie cherries in water. I've got 5 pounds of honey in
reserve for this batch in case the yeast is hardier than expected.

I don't expect to be reporting any more on this one for at least a couple of

months 🙂 (hmmm, I suppose it's not too late to take an initial gravity
reading, FWIW).



\o.O; Steven W. Smith, Programmer/Analyst

=(___)= Glendale Community College, Glendale Az. USA

Mah'-ee huv'-erk-raft iz fuhl ov ee'-ulz


Subject: Add yeast nutrient with the yeast
From: (John Gorman)
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 1994 18:30:06 EST

> From: (nathaniel christop lorenz)

> the time when one should add the nutrients. At the very start of
> fermentation, add it with the yeast, or is it ok to add 1 month
> into the whole process?

The goal of yeast nutrients is to have a fast efficient ferment that
doesn't get "stuck" at some point. If you add the nutrient along with
the yeast, the fermentation will be entirely completed at one month.

Of course, if you don't add nutrient at the beginning, you could
try adding some later and see if that speeds things up.


  • john


John Gorman
Relational Semantics, Inc. 617-926-0979
17 Mount Auburn Street Watertown MA 02172 USA

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