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O L D mead / Rich's fruits / Saving an old batch (COYOTE)
Request for Papazan Article (RICK ZYDENBOS)
UNYHA Competition Results (


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Subject: O L D  mead / Rich's fruits / Saving an old batch
From: COYOTE <>
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 1994 11:08:34 -0600 (MDT)

Hey Ian, here's what you can do:

Save yourself the risk and tormet; send that 17 year old mead to me,
I'll "test" it for you, and let you know how it was. That was you won't
have to run the risk of that awful squinched up expression people make
when they taste something foul! Really, I don't mind, I'd even get toot to
"test" it with me. (We've both forced some real doosies on each other!)

Question: How has it been stored? On it's side, or upside down?
Light tight? cool not warm?

If all the above are answered "ya sure" or "not a clue", then well…
Age is not a bad thing for a well stored mead or wine.
Whereas a poorly stored one can go rancid quickly.

One sure way to find out my friend… send it to me! pant, lick chops….


I'd like to thank Rich for posting that eggselent fruit list. I don't think
anyone here will complain that he didn't have permission. (mommy sed I cud)

He posted it to HBD- and I thought that it'd be even MORE welcome here, so
I sed so, now it's been done. Yaaaaay. Very helpful info. Neat book!


Saving an Old mead:

The other day I took the case+ of champagne bottle of my first attempt

at a still mead (from about 3 years ago) in which I used hops. Came out with
a very chemical- bitter flavor. Guess what- still has it! Kinda reminded
me of a smell I caught from a bottle of Chaucers (probably poorly stored!).


SO: I sterilized and purged a keg with CO2. Then took my bottling can-
in reverse (bottling wand at the top of the siphon) and openned one
bottle after another and racked them gently into the keg- trying to avoid
collecting air bubbles. The stuff in wonderfully clear. Rather dry, and bitter.
(I'll never hop a mead again!)

The keg is now half full (or half empty…), and I will soon boil up some
honey (yes boil, I want it cleared) and sweeten up this mead. I haven't
checked the mullberry tree, but maybe I'll add some kind of pasteurized
juice. Basically- I'm attempting to make a mead of suitable style for
my wedding in july. I'll plan on having several kegs of homebrew and one
of mead to serve at the reception. I may even attempt a quick ferment mead
half batch size to top of the keg with. I can keg it short of completion
since I won't have to worry about exploding bottles. I just want to be
sure to keep it clear. So maybe a quick ferment, finings, and keg it up.
If I had a filter system I'd be set, but I don't (yet).

Anyway- just an update on my attempt to save an old batch of strange mead
from becoming slug bait. I think it'll work out fine. Some guests may still
prefer their gin and tonics….but to each their own. My guess is I'll probably
be handed a number of compliments on it. 🙂

Lr8 John- The Coyote


Subject: Request for Papazan Article
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 1994 08:18:32 +1200 (NZST)

About eight month ago I remember reading an article by either Charlie Papazan
or Micheal Jackson on a mead producer here in New Zealand (down under).

I think it was a rather historical article but raised some interesting
points. If anyone knows of the article written about the "Havells Meadery"
reputed to be one of the best, could you please let me know.

Thanks in advance

Rick Zydenbos

Agresearch New Zealand.

Subject: UNYHA Competition Results
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 94 19:30:42 EDT

Here are the results of the 16th Annual Competition of the Upstate
New York Homebrewers Association, held April 16 in Rochester, NY.
A total of 156 entries were judged.

Light Lager (9 entries) Porter (8 entries + 1 disqualified)

1st David Wunder 1st Al Rickett & Tom Thompson

2nd Al Schichler 2nd John Zelazny

3rd Ron Maliwacki 3rd Bill Heller

Amber Lager (13 entries) Stout (19 entries)

1st Randy Maliwacki 1st Bill Heller

2nd Andrew Jones 2nd John Zelazny

3rd Wendy & Chuck Bryant 3rd Gerald Hall

Dark Lager (13 entries) Belgian (9 entries)

1st Wendy & Todd Colin 1st Wendy & Chuck Bryant

2nd Randy Blandford 2nd David Wynder

3rd Peter McAnn 3rd Bill Heller

North American Ale (7 entries) Specialty (25 entries)

1st George Fix 1st Andrew Jones

2nd Kenn DePotter 2nd John Zelazny

3rd Paul LeClair 3rd John Nelson **

British Ale (22 entries) Mead (12 entries + 1 disqualified)

1st Curtis Womach 1st Tom & Maureen Kaltenbach

2nd George Fix 2nd Jeff & Lisa Snover

3rd Lee Turner 3rd Tom Thompson

Brown Ale (16 entries) Looks Like Saranac Black & Tan (5 entries)

1st John Nelson 1st Gerald Holl

2nd Maureen & Tom Kaltenbach 2nd Manny Holl

3rd David Chapus



1st Wendy & Chuck Bryant –Belgian (Trappist style)
2nd Bill Heller — Stout
3rd George Fix — North American Ale


** NOTE: Stu Wilson was announced at contest as 3rd place winner

(scorekeeping error)


End of Mead Lover's Digest #298