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Local Source of Commercial Mead – WI (CPU-SPP generic account)
YL-M61 Dry Mead Yeast Temperature Range (Michael Ligas)


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Subject: reminder: Digests are driven by available material, not regular
From: (Dick Dunn)
Date: 6 May 94 21:07:03 MDT (Fri)

Folks – bear in mind that the Digest only comes out when there's something
to send. If you don't get a Digest for a few days, it means that nothing
has been submitted. I don't send empty digests and I will delay slightly
to avoid sending single-article issues. Submissions have been "bursty"
lately, so the Digest has appeared more erratically than usual.

Mead-Lover's Digest
Dick Dunn, Digest Coordinator Boulder, Colorado USA

Subject: Local Source of Commercial Mead - WI
From: (CPU-SPP generic account)
Date: Sun, 8 May 94 21:51:01 CDT

For whoever is keeping track of this:

I apologize in advance, but this is only a regional source of commercial
meads. They only ship within a 6 state region.

Spurgeon Vineyards in Highland, Wisconsin makes two styles of traditional
meads; a sweet and a dry. Both are made with Wisconsin honey, yeast and
yeast nutriment. Both of the types I tasted are clean and uncluttered,
with only the honey flavor coming through. They are good samples of the
style. They also have a line of wines and fruit wines, but I am
unqualified to judge them.

They ship within the following area: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois,
Iowa, Indiana and Michigan. They take telephone orders at
(608) 929-7692 or (800) 236-5555. There are two retail stores in the
Madison, Wisconsin area. One is the winery in Highland, the other is
the Bountiful Harvest Winery at the intersection of I90-94 and Hwy. 60
in Lodi, Wisconsin. You can call for additional information.

Subject: YL-M61 Dry Mead Yeast Temperature Range
From: Michael Ligas <>
Date: Mon, 9 May 1994 00:49:34 -0400 (EDT)

A quick question. Does anyone know the temperature range for the M61
strain from Yeastlab? I've got a Cherry Melomel (22 litres) prep'd and I
just pitched the slurry from a 2 litre culture of the above yeast. Current
ambient temp is 15C (59F), and I expect the actual fermentation temp to
exceed that by the usual 2-3 degress C. I decided to try the cooler
conditions to help preserve fruit essence but I'm concerned that the temp
may be too low for this strain. I also have rooms at 19C (67F) and 22C
(72F) if I need to bump up the ambient temperature. Any and all comments
would be appreciated.

I do not receive this digest so please send mail directly to me and carbon
copies to the digest. Thanks and take care.

Michael Ligas

End of Mead Lover's Digest #300