Mead Lover's Digest #0312 Thu 26 May 1994


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pH (Jane Beckman)


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Subject: pH
From: (Jane Beckman)
Date: Wed, 25 May 94 10:03:56 PDT

> pH can change dramatically depending upon the water…. ( hard or
>soft…..) due to perhaps ( but not limited to ) calcium contentm, or perhaps
>iron ?

Based on this statement and knowing we have to dump huge amounts of acid into
our hottub just to bring the pH readings down to where they will register on
the testing tools (don't ask what precipitates out, if we don't do lots of
chemical futzing), I don't think acidity from added citric acid in my mead
is going to be a problem.

I just sampled a batch I made with no orange or lemon, last year. This was
a "basic" mead with just honey and water. My husband and I looked at each
other, making faces, and tried another bottle. We then ceremoniously carted
the remaining bottles to the sink and dumped them out. This stuff was
*awful*! It had a weird undertaste, kind of chemical. (We opened an old
bottle of Honeymoon Mead out of the wine cellar to take the taste out of
our mouths, since we were all set for something delicious.) What's that old
claim from the beer commercials—"It's the water…"?


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