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rhubarb wine/melomel (John Turner)
Old Honey ()


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Subject: rhubarb wine/melomel
From: John Turner <>
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 94 11:43:23 EDT

I was discussing making a rhubarb wine a few days ago. I would be interested
in the recipe for either a rhubarb wine or melomel.

John Turner

Subject: Old Honey
From: <>
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 94 08:38:21 CST

Well to update from a post a few months ago, using 18 yr old honey that my
father raised in S. California, and that had been bottled since then –

I think the total # was 16.5 lbs. I made 6 gal all together. 4 gal straight
mead, and 3 gal melomels; kiwi, bluberry and a papaya/guava/ruhbarb/kiwi
mix. Between rackings I tasted the progress. 3 gal of the straight mead is
still bubbling and I have bottled one gal of the straight mead. (used a 3
and 1 gal jug, and the 1 gal fermented out quick.) I bottled the 1 gal
uncarbonated. My boss, a winemaker at a brewing store, thought it was very
sherry-like. The melomels have this same type of flavor also, I think due
to oxidation of the honey over the long period of aging.

These are definately going to be put back for a while!



Another question –
I have recently brewed alot of honey, and have seven 6 gal carboys going. (I
LIKE mead!) Recently the temp got up to the mid 80's for about two weeks
where I keep my carboys. Will this do anything other than speed up the
fermentation? I've lowered the temp in the room back down to the hi 60's –
70's now. Also, In one batch in which I made 12 gal on 5-6-94, there is a
very sour off smell. The other batches don't have this, nor have I smelled
this in previous batches. The taste is also unpleasant. I only used acid
blend, nutrient and a liquid starter. The airlock isn't bubbling, but there
is still fermentation going on.

Thanks for any responses.


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