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Cyser/Cider (Daniel R. Pomplun)
Need help signing up (Phillip Seitz)

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Date: Wed, 11 Nov 92 09:02:35 -0500 
From: Daniel R. Pomplun <>
Subject: Cyser/Cider

Two items:

  1. I'd like to thank everyone involved in the discussion about S.G.
    of honey. I managed to hit my O.G. target for my latest batch
    of cyser.

1.046 S.G. of the cider I bought
1.44 S.G. of honey (from discussion)
target of 6 quarts (a 1 gallon jug and a 1.5 qt extra jug for
the first racking–save those tropicana twister bottles! 🙂 )

target O.G. 1.128
the formula says about 4.75 quarts of cider and 1.25 quarts of honey (3.6 lbs)

O.G. 1.128 is what I got!

  1. Has anyone noticed that cider/cyser ferments faster than just
    about every type of mead/melomel/cyser/etc? My most recent
    batch is easily bubbling at a rate of 240 bubbles/minute
    in a 1 gallon jug (yes, I use the Great Fermentation's Mead
    Nutrient). This is significantly faster than anything else
    I've ever tried.

Daniel Pomplun, Bellcore,

Phone:  (908) 758-2740  Fax: (908) 758-4268 

331 Newman Springs Rd, Red Bank, NJ 07701-7020, MS: NVC-1E246

"Entropy is not what it used to be."

Date: Wed, 11 Nov 92 23:46 GMT
From: Phillip Seitz <>
Subject: Need help signing up

Well, I'm not a mead-hater, but I'm writing for assistance getting
a friend signed up for the mead-lovers digest. His coordinates:

Pascal Mertens
GEMOSTUD@BNANDP51 (this is a bitnet address)

He tells me he tried to send a message, but got a reply that @nsa
didn't exist (perhaps this stands for National Security Agency?).
Anyway, I'm sending this to the digest rather than to the request address
because I'm assuming that the latter is screened by computer, and the
goal is to get HIM on the mailing list, not ME.

For any that are interested, Pascal is a Ph.D. candidate in molecular
biology in Namur, Belgium, and also has his own bees. I'm not sure what
he's working on for his dissertation, but I'm pretty sure he knows a
great deal about yeasts. Can some friendly folks (or sysops) help
him out?

Thanks, Phil Seitz

End of Mead Lover's Digest

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