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Digbie: My own considerations, pt1 (Joyce Miller)
AMA "archives" — a simple question (Steven Rezsutek)
Thistle honey (
Holiday mead (HOOKER)
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Sulphite Free Wines (Bob McDonald)


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Subject: Digbie: My own considerations, pt1
From: (Joyce Miller)
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 1994 18:10:28 -0400

Sir Kenelme Digbie, 1669:

My own Considerations for making of Meathe.

Boil what quantity of Spring-water you please, three or four walms,

and then let it settle twenty four hours, and pour the clear from the
settling. Take sixteen Gallons of the clear, and boil in it ten handfuls
of Eglantine-leaves, five of Liverwort, five of Scabious, four of Baulm,
four of Rosemary; two of Bayleaves; one of Thyme, and one of
Sweet-marjoram, and five Eringo-roots splitted. When the water hath drawn
out the virtue of the herbs (which it will do in half an hours boiling,)
let it run through a strainer or sieve, and let it settle so, that you may
pour the clear from the Dregs. To every three Gallons of the Clear, take
one of Honey, and with clean Arms stripped up, lade it for two or three
hours, to dissolve the honey in the water; lade it twice or thrice that
day. The next day boil it very gently to make the scum rise, and scum it
all the while, and now and then pour to it a ladle full of cold water,
which will make the scum rise more: when it is very clear from scum, you
may boil it the more strongly, till it bear an Egge very high, that the
breadth of a groat be out of the water, and that it boil high with great
walms in the middle of the Kettle: which boiling with great Bubbles in the
middle is a sign it is boiled to it's height. Then let it cool till it be
Lukewarm, at which time put some Ale-yest into it, to make it work, as you
would do Ale. And then put it up into a fit Barrel first seasoned with
some good sweet White-wine (as Canary-sack) and keep the bung open, till it
have done working, filling it up with some such honey-drink warmed, as you
find it sink down by working over. When it hath almost done working, put
into it a bag of thin stuff (such as Bakers use to bolt in) fastened by a
Cord at the bung, containing two parts of Ginger-sliced, and one apiece of
Cinamon, Cloves and Nutmegs, with a Pebble-stone in it to make it sink; And
stop it up close for six Months or a year, and then you may draw it into
Bottles. If you like Cardamom-seeds, you may adde some of them to the
spices. Some do like Mint exceedingly to be added to the other herbs.
Where no yeast is to be had, The Liquor will work if you set it some days
in the hot Sun (with a cover, like the roof of a house over it, to keep wet
out, if it chance to rain) but then you must have great care, to fill it
up, as it consumeth, and to stop it close a little before it hath done
working, and to set it then presently in a Cool Cellar. I am told that the
Leaven of bread will make it work as well as yest, but I have not tryed it.
If you will not have it so strong, it will be much sooner ready to drink;
As if you take six parts of water to one of Honey. Some do like the drink
better without either herbs or spices, and it will be much the whiter. If
you will have it stronger, put but Gallons and a half of water to one of
<end of part1>


Subject: AMA "archives" -- a simple question
From: Steven Rezsutek <>
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 1994 11:29:53 -0400

As I'm finally about to get around to joining the AMA (American Mead Assoc.),
the pointer to which came from the digest, I notice that they have an ad
in the latest Brewing Techniques. The ad states that for $65, one can
have a copy of "everything we've ever printed".

So, are there any long-time members who can comment on whether this is
a virtual gold mine of information not to be passed up, purely of historic
interest, or somewhere in between? [Unless its something only a magazine
collector would want, I'll probably buy it regardless, but I'm still curious
as to what the insiders think — $65 isn't exactly pocket change.]




Steven Rezsutek
Nyma / NASA GSFC Code 735.2 Vox: +1 301 286 0897

Subject: Thistle honey
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 94 17:35:14 EDT

I don't know what the original poster was referring to, but around
here (Michigan) we've got "Star Thistle" honey. "Star Thistle" is a
plant whose flower is colored almost identically to a thistle, but the
plant is not a thistle. That is, it doesn't have spines, etc. Also
the flower doesn't have the classic thistle shape. It blooms in great
abundance in the fall.

The honey has a distinctive spicy flavor, but not overwhelmingly so.
It's one of my favorites. It's certainly not as strong as
"wildflower" honey usually is. I made a cyser with it a couple of
years ago that took 2nd place in the Mazer Cup competition at about 9
months of age. I don't think any bottles lasted to their first

I haven't tried making a straight mead from it, but I bet it would be

Subject: Holiday mead
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 1994 20:47:43 -0500 (EST)

We are thinking of making our holiday mead with sugar plums. Anyone brewed a
plum mead? Any advice? Problems? Suggestions? How much do you think we
should use? What is the best way to introduce the fruit to the mead? Steep at
the end of the boil and leave in the fermenter for a week? Any ideas for
things that would go well with sugar plums? ie fruits or spices. I guess we'll
just use a traditional mead recipe with 15 gal of honey. Questions

Thanks in advance for any help…

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Subject: mail order mead supply catalog
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 94 22:30:00 UTC

I just discovered that mead existed. I down loaded some of the mld's and
want to try to make some. Not only am I a complete novice, but where I live
there are no store that carry supplies. Could someone please tell me where I
can get some catalogs?

Helpless on Kauai.


Subject: Sulphite Free Wines
From: Bob McDonald <>
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 94 10:40:25 EST

I found a winery this weekend that produces decent quality, chemical
(specifically sulphites) free products. The owner, Duane Peterson, says they
are one of the only wineries in the world that washes their hand picked grapes
before crushing to eliminate the nasties. Thereby eliminating the need for
sulphites. The wines I tastes were quite good. The info is below (they will
ship just about anywhere).

Peterson and Sons Winery
9375 East P Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI. 49001-9762
(616) 626-9755


Standard disclaimer: I have no interest in this business, I just ran across it
and thought someone out there would like to know.



Anyone can give credit for doing a great job. It requires someone
really special to take all the credit for everyone else involved.


Robert E. McDonald, Jr. (
Sr. Telecom Programmer/Analyst Tel: (616) 376-6081
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