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Mead Yeast Advice (Harry Covert)
Bubblegum flavors from Montrachet yeast (Jacob Galley)
Lactic acid in mead, anyone? ("Steven W. Smith")


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Subject: Mead Yeast Advice
From: Harry Covert <>
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 94 15:23 EST

I am about to make a 5 gallon batch of plain, still mead. The two yeasts I
have available are Wyeast Champagne and Wyeast Dry Mead. I want to make a
mead that is dry, but still has a residual sweetness. I'm afraid that if I
use my usual 15 pounds-per-gallon with either of these yeasts it will end up
a little on the eye-squinting dry side. I would welcome suggestions on
which yeast to use and on whether or not to use more honey.

Harry Covert

Subject: Bubblegum flavors from Montrachet yeast
From: Jacob Galley <>
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 94 10:16:53 CST

Howdy. I just bottled a dry mead (clover, orange blossom honey, some
raisins and 2 bay leaves), that was pasteurized but not boiled, and
was fermented with Montrachet yeast. It had been sitting in the
secondary fermentor for about 4 months, so it's already tasty. But my
friend (hi Russ!) says he detects an unpleasant "bubblegum" flavor. I
can't taste it myself, but I was wondering, is this typical of the
flavor profile of Montrachet yeast? (The ferment was a little warm,


PS – For the last few bottles I added a cup of strong Pu-Erh tea,
which has a deep red color and an unusually woody and smooth flavor.
This turned the liquor from a pale yellow to a heartier amber.


By paying so much attention to the devil and by treating witchcraft as the
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repress. <– Aldous Huxley

Subject: Lactic acid in mead, anyone?
From: "Steven W. Smith" <>
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 1994 10:11:04 -0700 (MST)

Ho ho etc. With vacation coming up my mind turns to brewing and meading

(musting?… must I?). Anyways, awhile back I bought a little flask of food
grade lactic acid that I never got around to using. Now I'm pondering a
raspberry melomel dosed with the stuff, perhaps vaguely like a Lindeman's

The main thing the folks over on lambic-l say about adding lactic acid is to

give the brew time to age and blend the flavors. Sound somehow familiar? 🙂
I'm just curious if anyone's tried this, how much acid you used, any
meanderings on the topic, favorite yeast for a strong, sweet melomel…

Hmmm, hate to get right to work… Anyone know offhand how hot something has

to be to kill yeast? I've been wanting to make a sparking mead but don't want
to create grenades as the yeast goes slowly about it's task. "What if" the
mead was bottled while still fermenting, sampled occasionally (I hate that
part), then set in hot water (maybe 175F-ish?) to kill the yeast when the
right level of carbonation was achieved?

I'd want to have several inches of water over the top of the bottles to catch

any shrapnel, and allow the whole thing to cool to room temp before removing,
but it seems (to me) like an idea that could work.



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=(___)= Glendale Community College, Glendale Az. USA

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