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Digest hiatus (Dick Dunn)
more on mead yeasts ("Daniel F McConnell")


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Subject: Digest hiatus
From: (Dick Dunn)
Date: 14 Jan 95 18:07:13 MST (Sat)

The Mead and Cider Digests will both be taking a short break. The next
issue after this one will be in about 8-10 days…so don't worry if you
don't get anything for a little bit. All incoming postings will be held;
subscribe/unsubscribe requests will be processed before the next issue of
the digest. It'll just look like a long gap between digests…fortunately
they're pretty quiet right now.

Dick Dunn, Digest Janitor Boulder, Colorado USA

Subject: more on mead yeasts 
From: "Daniel F McConnell" <>
Date: 12 Jan 1995 22:17:18 -0500

Subject:  more on mead yeasts 

Diane Palme asks about the mead strains:

>>Product Name Yeast Strain

>> —————————-

>>Yeastlab-Dry Champagne
>>Yeastlab-Sweet Steinberg Riesling
>>Wyeast-Dry Prisse de Mousse
>>Wyeast-Sweet Rudescheimer

>> >>——————————

>Ok, so my question is what kind of attenuation can I expect for these? I
>used Wyeast-Sweet in a cyser (10 gals 1050 cider and 12# honey for an OG
>of about 1090) and I'm now down 80 points. Granted, it's awful cold in the
>basement (we're lagering a bock without additional cooling) but has it
>pooped out?

My calls to Wyeast were to include their strains in an article for the sake
of completeness and to ask questions to see if they would be forthcoming
about the strains. I asked about strain ID and alcohol tolerance because I
always want to know this sort of thing and I suspect that many others do
too. Dave was very accommodating and answered all questions. I have never
used either of the two Wyeast strains, but have occasionally used a Prisse
de Mousse when I want a brutally dry wine (or mead).

Champagne and Prisse de Mousse are fully capable of fermenting 25 Bx
(100 pts), Steinberg will do 20 and Rudescheimer will ferment a little
less than that, I assume, based on it's stated EtOH tolerance. Since you're
down 80 points (20 Bx) I would bet that you are pretty darn close. However,
I think you ought to let this baby warm up a bit, I would expect that any
self-respecting yeast would stop at lagering temperatures. (Your basement
isn't REALLY 0-1C is it? Burrrrr!)


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