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Mead Won't Fully Ferment! (
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Mesquite, Prickly Pear syrup? (Gregory Owen)
Irish Moss (Glenn E Matthies)


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Subject: re: Roses
From: (Dick Dunn)
Date: 27 Apr 95 00:37:14 MDT (Thu)

Not only is rose-petal mead a tried idea; it has a special name all its
own! It's called "rhodomel".

I would very much like to hear what results people get from roses. More
than a few people have noted the similarity of fragrances of raspberry and
rose…and raspberries, of course, make an outstanding melomel. Roses
wouldn't offer the sugar and acid of raspberries, but I'd really like to
know what they'd offer in the nose. (Although I can easily get enough
raspberries for a melomel from a small patch, the weather is a bit unfor-
giving here for copious production of roses. "They" say it should stop
snowing in another week or so!)

Dick Dunn -or- raven!rcd Boulder, Colorado USA

…When did "ergonomic" become a synonym for "right-handed"?


Subject: Mead Won't Fully Ferment!
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 95 13:34:27 MST

I'm making a raspberry mead that refuses to fully ferment. I used
approx. 5 lbs of honey per gallon of water, so I had a fairly high
initial SG. However, after several months, and several additional
doses of yeast, the SG refuses to drop below 60. The mead is still
extremely sweet and not very alcoholic. I've had several discussions
with a local homebrew shop, but so far no one's been able to solve the
problem. Anybody out there have any suggestions?

Steve Katapski


Subject: Re: Rose petal mead
From: Jean Marie Bond <>
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 17:33:31 -0700 (PDT)

About that rose petal mead…
I have not made a rose petal mead, but there is a recipe for such a thing
on the mead page. It is Ye Old Batte's Wylde Rose Petal Mead (name might
not be exactly right), and the mead page is at:
If you don't have www access for some gods-awful reason, tell me and I'll
opost the recipe. Anyway, it sounds wonderful, and I'm dying to make
some. But where to get all those roses?

BTW, I have just made my first melomel, (in honor of the strawberry sale
at Safeway!), and it looks and smells wonderful so far. OK, well the
strawberries don't look so hot, but the mead… yum. It is fermenting
very fast. I used Premier Cuvee (used to be Pris de Mousse, right?), and
it has gone from 1.08 to 1.03 in 3 or 4 days. I will rack it into the
secondary this weekend.

Anyway, the last thing is my response to the honey survey: I pay 99
cents a lb., (I don't buy in serious bulk; I buy from the local natural
food store) and have a selection of: Blackberry, Raspberry,
Cranberry,Clover, and "Spring Nectar" whatever that is.


Jean M. Bond * "I am not part of the problem. * I am a Republican." * — Dan Quayle


Subject: UNYHA Contest Winners
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 22:49:35 -0400

Upstate New York Homebrewers Association
17th Annual Competition and 6th Empire State Open
Contest held April 22, 1995
Total No. of Entries: 208




British Ale Dark Lager

1. Bob Marsh 1. Todd & Wendy Colin
2. Jim Taylor 2. Manny Holl
3. Dave Manley 3. Dave Manley

North American Ale Belgian

1. Al Schichler 1. Bruce Franconi
2. Frank Caico 2. Chuck & Wendy Bryant
3. Frank Caico 3. Kirk Frieh

Brown Ale Mead

1. Manny Holl 1. John Grana
2. Lyn Howard 2. David Wunder
3. Bruce Franconi 3. Kirk Frieh

Porter & Stout Looks Like "Saranac Pale Ale"

1. Bill Shakespeare 1. Charles Knickerbocker
2. Karen Miller 2. Tom Thompson & Al Rickett
3. Russell Vacchetto 3. John Nelson

Light Lager Specialty

1. David Wunder & Frank Caico 1. Tom Thompson & Al Rickett
2. Manny Holl 2. Andrew Jones
3. Robert Graser 3. Jim Taylor

Amber Lager Best of Show

1. David Chapus 1. David Wunder & Frank Caico
2. David Chapus 2. David Chapus
3. Craig Pinhey 3. Tom Thompson & Al Rickett


Subject: Mesquite, Prickly Pear syrup?
From: (Gregory Owen)
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 1995 15:02:05 +0500

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I picked up 3 lbs of Mesquite

honey and a 7-oz bottle of "Prickly Pear Cactus Syrup". I seemed to
remember seeing someone's recipe for "Prickly Pear Cactus Mead" but
now I can't find it. I'm interested in making a 1-gallon batch using
these ingredients; can anyone give me advice? Anyone used such a
syrup before (ingredients prickly pear juice, sugar, lemon, pectin)?


gowen — Greg Owen —,


Subject: Irish Moss
From: au075@freenet.Buffalo.EDU (Glenn E Matthies)
Date: Mon, 1 May 1995 22:17:41 -0400

I brewed a mead this weekend and used Irish Moss for the first
time on mead. With in thirty seconds of adding it, great gobs
of coagulated protien rose and floated on the surface. I must
have removed 1/2 cup of this brown mass (2 lbs. honey test batch).
I have used Irish Moss in beer and never have had this happen.
Is this normal? The honey was Orange Blossom from a local honey
farm. TIA Glenn

Glenn Matthies
Lockport, NY

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