Mead Lover's Digest #41 Sat 21 November 1992

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Persimmon Melomel? (Robert Crawford)
Advice meaded (Mark N. Davis)

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Date: Fri, 20 Nov 92 14:38:26 CST
From: Robert Crawford <>
Subject: Persimmon Melomel?

        Harkening back to the family farm, I remember a fruit called
the persimmon (available in stores in a much larger, less enjoyable
form). Now, although this isn't the best tasting fruit in the world,
I'm sure it would make quite an interesting flavoring for a melomel.
Has anyone tried this?

        Based on what I know, the mixture would need to be aged an
extremely long time, as persimmons are very acidic (tannin, in fact).
Besides this, and possibly the need to add more honey than normal to
counter the acid, what advice can people offer me?

        This is a long-term project, since there aren't any persimmons
available until next October.

        Now I just wonder if my brother got to the pear orchard before
the pears all rotted…

Date: Fri, 20 Nov 92 20:20:58 PST
From: Mark N. Davis <mndavis@pbhya.PacBell.COM>
Subject: Advice meaded


I've had this very basic mead that I made nearly two years ago, sitting
in the secondary. Its sort of an experiment in laziness, since I abhore
the task of bottling and am too poor to buy kegging equipment. About 3
weeks ago, I got adventurous and tasted it. Besides a mild vinegary
aftertaste, it's not too bad at all. Very well blended and smooth. This
is despite a powdery scum infection that was caused no doubt by letting the
airlock run dry from evaporation. I just shook it well, and all of the
scum sunk to the bottom. Upon racking, I left plenty of mead behind to ensure
that none of the stuff came with it.

Speaking of racking, that's just what I did to it after tasting it. In
addition, I took 3 pounds of frozen strawberries, pastuerized them, smashed
them up, and racked on top of them in a 5 gallon carboy. Its been sitting
like that ever since. By now, most all of the strawberry stuff is out of
suspension, and the whole thing is a very nifty shade of pink.

Here's the question- How long should I leave it on the fruit before bottling?
Any other suggestions about what to do with this stuff, as far adding any
chemicals, spices, or procedures for bottling?

Thanks in advance,

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