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yeast nutrients and acids (Lenny Garfinkel)
young or bad mead? (Gordon L. Olson)
Suggestion (Russell Mast)
slow mead clearing (Chuck Wettergreen)
recipe request (Sylverre Polhemus)


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Subject: yeast nutrients and acids
From: Lenny Garfinkel <>
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 1995 08:02:15 +0300 (IDT)

I want to make my first mead after several batches of beer and cider. I
have read the faqs, as well as the article about mead in Zymurgy (Spring,
1995). I need some help with addition of nutrients and acids.

Many of the recipes for simple mead recommend addition of yeast energizer
and nutrient, as well as acid blend. I don't have access to either of
these here in Israel. One reference mentioned addition of malic and
tartaric acids, but the amounts were in milliliters, and therefore dealt
with some solution of unspecified concentration. I have access to Difco
Yeast Nitrogen Base, with and without ammonium sulfate, as well as
crystalline citric, malic, and tartaric acid. Could someone recommend
amounts of these compounds for a 5 gallon batch. Thanks.

Lenny Garfinkel


Dr. Leonard Garfinkel | Internet:
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Rehovot, Israel | FAX: 972-8-409041

Subject: young or bad mead?
From: (Gordon L. Olson)
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 1995 09:34:27 -0600

In MLD #417, Warren A. Ransom writes:

>i just tasted a mead that has been fermenting for a while, and it kind of
>tastes more like mouthwash than what i heard it would. perhaps i should
>give some background…

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Information about the yeast that you used and the final gravity is very
important in trying to diagnose what is happening. Some yeasts ferment
cleaner and mellow out faster than others. If you have a very dry mead,
SG < 1.000, it can taste very harsh if you used lots of ginger. I hope
that you used fresh ginger root and not powdered ginger, that also makes
a big difference.

When I was first learning to brew beer, someone brought some Barshak
Ginger Mead to a party. I tried it and thought that it was horrible.
It was alcoholic hot, dry, and very bitter to my naive taste buds.
This turned me off to meads so that I didn't make one of my own until
more than 5 years later. Such a fool I was. Now I realize that I don't
care for very dry meads, I want some honey sweetness that I can taste.

My advice: do not dump it out! Be patient and let it age some more.
Continue sampling it once a month until you find it drinkable.

Next time aim for a still, medium sweet mead, 1.010 < SG < 1.020. This
range of sweetness is the easiest for most people to drink.


Subject: Suggestion
From: Russell Mast <>
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 1995 10:48:16 -0500

> Subject: Did i do something super bad to my mead?
> From: "Warren A. Ransom III" <>

> does anyone have any suggestions?

Patience. Give it another year.

  • -R

Subject: slow mead clearing
From: (Chuck Wettergreen)
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 1995 08:40:54 -0500

In MLD #417 (Dick Dunn), wrote the following in
answer to a question about why meads take a long time to clear:

>In my experience, they don't take all that long. I've had some laggards,
>but mostly they're pretty quick if the acid and nutrients are right.

Do you mean that you test/adjust the must Ph prior to pitching your yeast,
or are you testing/adjusting Ph on-the-fly, ie. after the yeast has dropped
the Ph? In Dan McConnell's and ? mead article in Zymurgy, they suggest
fermenting without adding acid in the beginning, rather waiting until
fermentation is complete and then adjusting with acid to taste Any comments?.

also, I see occasional references to the use of pectic enzyme with fruit to
improve clarity. Would anyone care to comment as to the proper uses of this
enzyme, it's benefits and drawbacks. Also, which fruits it should be used with.




Chuck Wettergreen
Geneva, Il


Subject: recipe request
From: Sylverre Polhemus <>
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 1995 18:38:35 -0500 (CDT)

To the collective wisdom of meadmakers:
I am planning on a marathon brewing session sometime in the near future,
(five or six separate meads) so here's my request:
send me your favorite mead/melomel/metheglin recipe using sweet mead yeast.
Private e-mail please; results will be posted if desired.
TIA, Sylverre

God gave us yeast that we might discover some of what He goes through.

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