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Re: Strawberry mead (Kevin V Martin)
re: Persimmon Melomel (MLD #41) (Darren Hanson)

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Date: Sat, 21 Nov 92 11:20:47 EST
From: Kevin V Martin <>
Subject: Re: Strawberry mead

Mark Davis had a question about racking strawberry mead. I had a strawberry
mead that I let sit in the primary for 2 weeks and the secondary for a month.
Even after all that time, I still ended up with a lot of strawberry "gunk" in
the bottles. Some type of filtration system (e.g. a copper "Chore-boy") is
needed to remove all of the fine strawberry particles, especially the seeds.
Kevin Martin

Date: Sat, 21 Nov 92 06:22:56 PDT
From: Darren Hanson <>
Subject: re: Persimmon Melomel (MLD #41)


Date: Fri, 20 Nov 92 14:38:26 CST
> From: Robert Crawford <>
> Subject: Persimmon Melomel?
> Harkening back to the family farm, I remember a fruit called
> the persimmon (available in stores in a much larger, less
> enjoyable form). Now, although this isn't the best tasting
> fruit in the world, I'm sure it would make quite an interesting
> flavoring for a melomel. Has anyone tried this?

I've never tried it, but it DOES sound interesting. Take good
notes and keep us posted….

> Based on what I know, the mixture would need to be aged an
> extremely long time, as persimmons are very acidic (tannin,
> in fact). Besides this, and possibly the need to add more
> honey than normal to counter the acid, what advice can people
> offer me?

Get an acid test kit (if you don't already have one) as you will
probably find that you don't need as much acid blend if you need
any at all. I've been trying to work out a recipe using bear
berries which are also very acidic. (They're all but unedible
they're so acidic!) I've pretty much decided to take 2 gallons of
berries, puree & boil with 1 gallon of water, strain, add 1 1/4
gallons light honey and 1 c. blackstap molasses, boil & skim, put
in 5 gallon carboy & top off with preboiled water to 4 gallons,
rack monthly until still, prime with 1/2 c. molasses, bottle, and
age min 6 months.

But then, if it works I'm planning on calling it "Bear Beer" (I
know. I know. I don't have any hops or grains….) so I'm looking
for a mixture of flavors with a bit of a bite over all….

> This is a long-term project, since there aren't any
> persimmons available until next October.

I've been waiting for my supply of Bear Berries for 3 months now. They won't be
ready for another month or so…. <sigh>

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