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Note from janitor: If articles bounced, just re-send (Dick Dunn)
Re: restarting a stuck fermentation — update (Dieter Dworkin Muller)
strawberries & brewers yeast (Joe Uknalis)


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Subject: Note from janitor: If articles bounced, just re-send
From: (Dick Dunn)
Date: 23 Jul 95 13:19:06 MDT (Sun)

There was apparently a period of a few days during which articles sent to
the digest may have bounced with a complaint of being unable to send to (the % being the indicator that you were caught by the
problem). If this happened to you, just resubmit your article to the
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Sorry for the burp.

Subject: Re: restarting a stuck fermentation -- update
From: Dieter Dworkin Muller <>
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 1995 22:41:08 -0600

I recently wrote:
: So, we went ahead and bubbled seven liters of oxygen through each of
: the five gallon carboys (well, two fives and one 4 3/4, now). I'll
: send out another update in a week or two, once I know whether or not
: the yeast will be waking back up.


: One other thing we did was add about a teaspoon of yeast nutrient to
: each carboy. Couldn't hurt, and will probably help.

And, after a few days, the results are in. All three carboys are
blowing off gas again. The straight mead (honey&water) is doing a
glub every forty five seconds or so, the blueberry (honey, water, and
blueberry extract) is going about half that, at around ninety
seconds/glub. The third, which was made from pure wildflower (rather
than the common `wildflower' which is significantly diluted with
clover honey), has all the signs of having started up again, but I
didn't see it glub once in five minutes. By signs, I mean that the
part that needs to fill with gas before it can glub is indeed full of
gas, not water as it was a few days ago.

I'm probably going to try pitching a little more yeast nutrient into
the wildflower this weekend. This has the advantage of helping remove
the convolution of changing two variables at once — oxygen and
nutrient, so I can't complain too much.



Subject: strawberries & brewers yeast
From: Joe Uknalis <>
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 1995 10:17:27 -0400 (EDT)

Hi folks-

anyone ever made a strawberry mead? Any advice?

I feed my cats "brewers yeast" (debittered) occasionally, would this be a good
substitue for wine yeast nutrient (which is reported to leave a metallic
Are what rate per gallon?



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