Mead Lover's Digest #44 Wed 25 November 1992

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Re: Rose petal mead (Leigh Ann Hussey)
Honey by UPS! (John Gorman)

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Date: Tue, 24 Nov 92 09:03:22 PST
From: sybase!leighann@Sun.COM (Leigh Ann Hussey)
Subject: Re: Rose petal mead

The recipe I posted a while back for lavendar mead was modified from a
recipe for rose mead that I got out of H. E. Bravery's HOME BREWING
WITHOUT FAILURES. He specified one packed pint of rose petals per
gallon of mead. You put the rose petals in your primary, and pour
the boiled honey over them. Once it's cooled, you add yeast, let it
ferment for about a week, then strain the roses out and continue
fermenting until still. I just substituted lavendar flowers for the
rose petals, and it was a great success — tied for second place in
a field of 21!


  • Leigh Ann

Leigh Ann Hussey {sun,lll-tis,pyramid,pacbell}!sybase!leighann
"Turkeys, heresy, hops and beer / All came to England in the one year."
What year? Under debate, but seems to be closer to 1523…

Date: Tue, 24 Nov 92 15:02:53 EST
From: (John Gorman)
Subject: Honey by UPS!

I wanted orange blossom honey for a batch of traditional mead.
Last year, after a dozen calls around the Boston area, I gave up.

Then I called a local bee supply company, who referred me to a
company in Pennsylvania that carried orange blossom honey. They
offered to ship it UPS. My heart sank, thinking that would double
the price. Imagine my surprise:

Dutch Gold Honey Company
2220 Dutch Gold Drive
Lancaster PA 17601-1997
(717) 393-1716

$47.40 60 lbs Orange Blossom Honey
9.27 UPS shipping to MA

$56.57 Delivered.

Thats $0.94/lb delivered to my door! With a nationwide list
of dealers, none of us has to be limited by local suppliers!
Here is another one, slightly more expensive in this case:

Pure Sweet Honey Farm
514 Commerce Pkwy
Verona WI 53593
(608) 845-9601

$54.00 60 lbs Orange Blossom Honey
13.50 UPS shipping to MA

$67.50 Delivered.

As we discover good sources of mail order honey, we can compile
a nationwide list so that shipping fees will be low for everyone.
You can publish on the list, or send them to me and I will
summarize. If you have good or bad reviews about any suppliers,
product lists, or price lists please include them.

Yours, John

John Gorman
Relational Semantics, Inc. 617-926-0979
17 Mount Auburn Street Watertown MA 02172 USA

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