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Cabernet Sauvignon w/ too much sugar. Cures? (
FWD>Peach Melomel Too Dry? ("JA Rosen")


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Subject: Cabernet Sauvignon w/ too much sugar.  Cures?
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 1995 14:09:40 -0500 (EST)

Yeah, I know. But it sure doesn't go in the homebrew digest, and there
isn't a wine list.

I mistakenly added 4 cups of cane sugar to 2 96oz cans of Cabernet
Sauvignon extract, made up to 5 gallons. Montrachet did fine
for a while, but things have stopped at 1.040… "Yeast Energiszer"
had no effect. Raising the temp to 70F had no effect. More yeast
from a vigorous starter had no effect.

I am considering adding distiller's yeast in order to convert the
remaining sugar. Perhaps I'll call it a Cabernet Port 😉 Any
comments or _helpful_ suggestions are welcome. Please note that I
already know I screwed up.

Subject: FWD>Peach Melomel Too Dry?
From: "JA Rosen" <>
Date: 20 Nov 1995 09:17:02 -0700

I'm currently fermenting a peach melomel with Red Star Cote des Blancs
yeast. This was chosen in order to leave some residual sweetness to the
mead. After racking off the peaches (in the secondary), I've discovered
that the SG is down to 0.999. This is lower than I had expected and tastes
somewhat on the dry side. My question for the masses is does this seem too
dry for a melomel like this and, if so, is it worth attempting to sweeten it?

I realize of course the true answer is a function of how I like my meads,
but being a relatively new meader, I would appreciate opinions from others.
The second part of my question is if it would be worthwhile to sweeten the
mead, how might I go about it? I suppose I could keep adding honey until
the yeast pooped out, but since the OG was 1.114 and these guys have come
this far, I'm not sure I want to go that route. I think a better idea would
be to stabilize the mead (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate?) and add
some honey at bottling. What FG would anyone suggest? Can I trust the
yeast not to ferment the additional honey and create bombs?

Joel Rosen
Strand Brewers Club

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