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re:boiling yeast ("Matthew W. Bryson")
Approaching Final Gravity… (
Strange taste in first batch (Sheryl Nance-Durst)


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Subject: re:boiling yeast
From: "Matthew W. Bryson" <MWBryson@LANMAIL.RMC.COM>
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 96 17:06:09 EDT

Jon Grim asked:

The second carboy got Red Star Champagne, rehydrated according to the
package. I didn't have a thermometer and wasn't thinking, so I boiled the
water, waited 10 minutes or so, then added the yeast to rehydrate it.
72 hours out, there is still no activity.

Question #3: Did I kill my yeast by adding it to the boiled water too


Jon, I probably won't be the only one that replies to this, but an

educated guess would be yes, you nuked that yeast pretty good. Toss some
more yeast in there and you should be okay..


Matthew Bryson


Subject: Approaching Final Gravity...
Date: Sun, 1 Sep 1996 15:07:37 -0400

Fellow bottle washers,

This summer I have started my first meads/melomels using WYeast dry and sweet
mead liquid yeasts. During the second racking of my blueberry melomel, at
six weeks, fermentatin seems to have significantly decreased. No bubbles are
seen on the surface, although the airlock shows some very slow movement. The
s.g. has dropped to 1.026 from an o.g. of 1.085. After worrying a bit, (I
know Papazian's reccomendations) I added a half tsp. of yeast extract in one
cup preboiled water with no obvious change, (a mistake?). Can anyone tell me
if the activity I've observed is normal and possibly what the expected final
gravity of a melomel using liquid sweet mead yeast might be?

I have read and been told by friends that meads typically finish very close
to 1.000. While I am inclined to believe such testimony, I have noticed an
inclination to rack and taste the mead before the yeast are done with it. I
am now forced to speculate whether the "end game" of this process is due more
to fermentation, or to the addition of preboiled water, in order to reduce
the head space in the carboy, after tasting. Any honest or other valauble
commentary would be appreciated, or feel free to e-mail me directly at

Mark Koopman

P.S.- Does anyone know how to get back issues of the Mead Lover's Digest
without egaging in computer battle, in the attempt to decompress the
Stanford Archives?

Subject: Strange taste in first batch
From: Sheryl Nance-Durst <P_SHERYL@KCPL.LIB.MO.US>
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 1996 10:03:26 -0500 (CDT)

A question from a newbie to all those mead-gurus out there:

I just racked my first batch of mead (strawberry melomel) into my
secondary after 2 weeks of pretty vigorous fermentation. The problem
is that I noticed a very definite taste that can only be described
as "plastic". I've heard about all sorts of nasty smells & tastes
from young meads that end up aging out. Will this taste go away with
aging? And what exactly is it? Did it pick up this taste from the
plastic primary?

I used a weak chlorine solution to sanitize my fermenters, but I thought
that I rinsed it very well afterward. I also boiled all of my water
that I used in the batch. I did use 1 Camden tablet per gallon to kill
any nasties from the strawberries.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sheryl Nance-Durst

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