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Brew(?)ing mead. ("Tom Lentz")
Re: #536, restarting stuck mead (Mark Koopman)
The American Mead Assocication (Scott Mills)
Glory Bee Honey (Scott Mills)


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Subject: Brew(?)ing mead.
From: "Tom Lentz" <>
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 97 08:22:16

I have a silly question that's been bugging me for some time, perhaps
someone here knows the correct terminology. Is there a more proper
word for making or brewing mead? Such as "Brew is to beer as ___ is
to mead". Is it also "brew"? Would it be the same as whatever the
process of making wine is called?

I've always felt funny putting "Brewed on. . ." labels on my bottles.

Lastly, are there any mead makers or even beer brewers in the Seattle
area that would like to help with a short lecture on making mead?
I've volunteered to run a panel on the subject at a sci-fi/fantasy
convention on the first weekend in July (you'll probably get free
admission to the convention, but that's about all the compensation I
can offer, besides mead). I could handle it myself, but another
viewpoint and more experience certainly would be helpful.

Tom Lentz

Subject: Re: #536, restarting stuck mead
From: Mark Koopman <>
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 1997 18:09:50 -0600

John Bowen had written to the MLD asking about a mead which showed no
activity after racking at a pH of 3.5, having used a Wyeast dry Mead

I suspect that the reason there was no response to your posting, may be
that you already seem to know what you're doing.

I have had the same behavior from both the sweet and dry WYeast
strains. After posting for assistance with a blueberry melomel, and
getting some really good advice from Dione of Dragonweyr, NM, I adjusted
the pH from 2.6 up to 3.7, and fermentation restarted within hours. I
used calcium carbonate to raise the pH, and can detect no residual taste
in the finished mead. During racking, I usually take a pH meter reading
and try to at least adjust into the upper 3. range. I also add a pinch
of yeast extract, (this may be unconventional, and who knows…,

Adding another yeast, as you mentioned, should work, as well. That is,
if the yeast is tolerant of the alcohol and acidity already present in
the mead. Good luck.

Subject: The American Mead Assocication
From: Scott Mills <>
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 1997 23:18:14 -0700

As a mead maker and AMA subscriber I also have been VERY concerned about the
health of the association. My concerns started back in mid-1996 when I
judged a competition and later went out for drinks with Julian Strekel. The
conversations shared with Julian that night left me with some serious
nagging concerns about the future and direction of the AMA.

As you are all aware, the AMA has suffered from a lack of direction since
the untimely death of Susanne Price. Lately, as several others have mentioned,
Andy La Morte has worked hard to try and keep the association alive. Andy
has been taking care of Honey shipments to keep that income source for the
AMA alive.

Things are starting to look better.

The AMA was founded in Ohio by Pamela Spence-Allen in 1986. Later, Susanne
Price took over in early 1993 and moved the organization to Colorado. Now,
well over a year after her tragic death, the AMA is once again in the
process of a reorganization.

This reorganization may be complete in as short as a couple of weeks but I
expect it to take slightly longer. There is a small group on concerned
individuals working to straighten things out, get things back on track, and
looking forward for ways the improve and grow.

If you share these concerns and want to see the AMA rise from it's ashes I
urge you to write a short letter of encouragement. Be frank and honest with
your concerns and frustrations but also please try to be constructive.
Please send the letter to;

American Mead Association
c/o Andrew La Morte
1029 E. 8th Ave #1402
Denver, CO 80218-3349

If you don't have the time to get a letter to the post office then email a
letter to the AMA in my care here as;

I'll print the email and hand deliver them if I have to.

Lastly, let me say that I have no official connection to the AMA other than
being a subscriber as many of you are. I have gotten to know some of the
people involved, I have competed and judged competitions sponsored by them,
and I would hate to see the organization die simply due to poor leadership.

Have Fun,

Scott Mills

Subject: Glory Bee Honey
From: Scott Mills <>
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 1997 00:15:05 -0700

Does anyone have the phone number for Glory Bee?

I seem to mave lost my catalog.

Thanks in Advance,

Scott Mills

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