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About sulfate (Carlo Fusco)

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Date: Sun, 13 Dec 1992 02:48 EST
From: Carlo Fusco <G1400023@NICKEL.LAURENTIAN.CA>
Subject: About sulfate

Hello everyone,

This is the first time asking for help from this forum, because this is the
first mead I have brewed. My questions:

I made a Kiwi Cranberry mead that I have some questions about. I made this
mead in October of this year and have been aging it in a carboy [I was lead
to believe that you had to wait 6 months before you could bottle it]. Last
month I noticed a white fuzz growing on the top of it. At this point I was
afraid of losing it, so I added 1 Campten tablet [I believed a still mead
was better than no mead]. Everything was going fine until today, it was
clearing nicely and it had a nice orange colour. That is until I tasted it,
it has an alcohol conc. of 15% but all I could taste was sulfate.

  1. Will this taste disappear with time in the bottle?
  2. Should I wait for this taste to disappear before I bottle?
  3. Did I make a mistake in using a Campten tablet and should you never
    sulfate a mead?
  4. Will multiple rackings cause the sulfate taste to disappear?

Thank you for your help

Carlo Fusco

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